Healthier Kraft Mac & Cheese

Kraft Foods Group has made the decision to eliminate artificial preservatives and synthetic coloring in their iconic Kraft Macaroni & Cheese products. They’ll now use spices like turmeric, paprika, and annatto to flavor and color the cheese starting in 2016.

The idea for the product came about during the Great Depression when a salesman started attaching packets of grated cheese to boxes of macaroni with a rubber band. Igor Cornelsen has learned that Kraft Macaroni & Cheese was first introduced in 1937 in the U.S. and Canada, and the timing was instrumental to its success. During WWII, with dairy rationing and women now having to work outside the home, this proved to be a viable, hearty, low cost meal alternative. Many Canadians didn’t have refrigerators, so having a longer shelf life made it an attractive choice.

So many kids and adults have grown up eating Kraft Mac & Cheese, and now they’ll be able to eat a healthier version of it.

The Spiciest Cuisines

Are you a fan of all things spicy? Do you enjoy your food with a bit of heat to it? If so, then you will find a list of some of the spiciest cuisines in the world to be something that is of interest to you.

WSJ told that such a list contains the kind of food that you can eat if you are lover of heat. These foods include some from Chinese cuisines, some from Ethiopian. The cuisines that made the list are also those of Indian origin, those from Japan, those from Korea, and more. For those who enjoy a hot meal, this list of spicy foods is something that would be of interest. There are a lot of hot foods out there, and there are a lot of cultures that love to spice up there food. Spicy food is made to be enjoyed, and it is enjoyed by a variety of people around the world.

Haidar Barbouti Offers Luxurious Dining in Houston

An Overview of an Upscale Marketplace


Real estate magnate <a href=””>Haidar Barbouti</a> has raised the bar for excellent restaurants in the Houston area. A city already blessed with many outstanding and highly regarded eateries, Houston has benefited since the opening of the exclusive <i>Up</i> restaurant several years ago in Highland Village. <a href=””>A center of fine dining</a>, <i>Up</i> offers a broad-based American cuisine and a menu personally approved by Mr. Barbouti for the enjoyment of his guests. The ambiance of the locale reflects the influence of sophisticated European bistros. Many Texans owe Haidar Barbouti a debt of gratitude for his efforts to catapult the city’s reputation for a luxurious quality of life still higher. <i>Up</i> seamlessly merges many aspects of fine European restaurants with the uniquely Texan landscape of Houston: the result delights food lovers.


How Haidar Barbouti Developed a Local Foodie Landmark


Haidar Barbouti once expressed his <a href=””>philosophy</a> about <i>Up</i> by noting: “You’re not going to be good at something unless you’re passionate about it.” His careful development of the restaurant reflects this ideology. Returning from a trip to Europe, he noticed an opportunity to expand upon the two story Highland Village Shopping Center by adding a third level. It would house an elegant dining establishment, accessed only through an elevator. Windows on the new floor would offer panoramic views of the Galleria area in the patio below.


He <a href=””>closely supervised</a> the creation of the restaurant facility. Later, he decided to assume operation of this establishment personally. His interest extended to establishing rules for the selection of menu items and the preparation of food: aside from condiments, every component of a meal served at <i>Up</i> originates in the kitchen. Chefs prepare Italian pasta, pizza, filet mignon, fish, Asian cuisine an array of salads and desserts, lending a pleasurable home-cooked quality to the hearty, Lone Star State-sized portions. Patrons found the decor of white tablecloths appealing from an early point; today <i>Up</i> presents a vibrant, thriving environment for fine dining in Houston. Haidar Barbouti personally visits the establishment for meals during his frequent trips to the city. He maintains an enthusiastic, active interest in accommodating the enjoyment of <i>Up</i>’s numerous patrons.



Numerous residents of Houston enjoy the opportunity to partake of delicious macaroons and other fine cuisine in a gracious ambiance. They owe Haidar Barbouti thanks!

Salt Not as Harmful as Government Would Have Us Believe

Ask around and you’ll discover about half the people you know (perhaps even you) have been told by their doctor to reduce the amount of salt in their diet. Flavio Maluf says they look on the supermarket shelves and you’ll discover ‘low-sodium’ products dot the shelves and are the race to consume less salt has created a profitable niche market for food manufacturers.

But is that really necessary? No, it’s not, and that’s according to recent research conducted and published in the New England Journal of Medicine. Scientists who conducted an in-depth study on the effect of salt on the human body says that salt is not as harmful to us as the government would have us to believe.

The salt debate has raged for decades, and there’s not clear winner. The American Heart Association has decreed for decades that reducing salt intake reduces the risk for heart attacks. Excessive salt usage raises blood pressure, the elevated blood pressure in turn raises the risk of a person having a heart attack.

But how much salt is considered an excessive amount? That’s the detail no one can seem to agree on. The current government guidelines suggest that one teaspoon (2,300mgs) a day is the safe number for healthy people, and those in certain risk categories should lower that amount to about 2/3‘s of a teaspoon. Scientists argue that nearly three times that amount, 6,000mgs, is safe for daily consumption.

British Biologist Starts Growing Truffles on His Own

Truffles are a delicacy liked by many but accessible to fewer, as they are mostly collected in the wild and together with the deforestation, they become harder to find. A man has been dreaming of growing truffles at home for years. He tried to cultivate them 20 times in different areas.

Those who really know what they want finally get it, as Paul Thomas has recently picked up a 39-gram truffle. He has been declared as the starter of the UK Truffle industry. It took six years to grow, but that is not much, as the average truffle takes 10 years to fully grow. The man has set the goal to start a plantation, as he knows for sure that the industry is at its beginning in the UK and will bring good money. Foodies at STX Entertainment know that the truffles are fungus that only survive by attaching to certain types of tree roots, and are very picky as for the climate and conditions that they can develop in.

The British truffles sold nowadays are imported in very small quantities, so the amateurs are just as happy to hear that they can be cultivated locally as Paul Thomas is. The plant has successfully caught roots in several other locations that Paul cultivated during the experiment, and the British biologist expects to make some good money by selling truffles grown in the UK in a few years.

Don’t Serve Expired Hot Chocolate

What food can be eaten after it has expired, and how far expired can that food be? One Italian woman has to be wondering about that and more after she poisoned her family through the serving of expired how chocolate. Flávio Pentagna Guimarães BMG told us this 77 year old woman was not trying to cause any harm, she didn’t mean to hurt anyone, but the hot chocolate that she served brought her family to the ER.

The hot chocolate that this woman served wasn’t just barely expired, it wasn’t expired by a week, it was expired by 25 years. This woman served hot chocolate that had been around for decades. The result of the consumption of this expired hot chocolate led to a hospital visit for herself and her family. Serving food that is expired might be okay if it is expired by a day or two, but food that has been expired for decades should definitely be tossed.

McDonalds to Raise Wages

McDonalds has opted to increase their workers wages by one dollar. This will go above the minimum wage. These increases will start on July 1, 2015. The end of 2016 all wages will be ten dollars an hour for the average employee. There are other changes occurring at McDonalds. Employees that have worked there for at least one year can expect time off with pay. If an employee works 20 hours a week they will then receive 20 hours of time off with 20 hours of pay. 10 percent of employees at the 14,000 McDonald’s locations through the U.S. will experience these changes. This is approximately 90,000 workers. It should be known that most of McDonalds are franchised as well as owned independently. Brad Reifler knows that this increase may not necessarily apply to every employee at McDonalds. McDonalds would also like to pay for their employees to have the opportunity to further their education by offering pay for continuing education through online classes for high school. See McDonalds news for more details.

Eat Mcdonald’s Breakfast At Any Time

Mcdonald’s currently has a brilliant idea that can rejuvenate its branding. Also, it may not be a bad idea at all. One will now have the ability of eating breakfast at dinner time. The AP reports that as a trial test for the first time ever, the world’s most popular fast-food restaurant will attempt at extending their breakfast menu beyond the custom time of 10:30 a.m., which has been the cutoff that has had an effect of frustrating a great many of those who wake up late. suggested that the testing trial will begin next month as customers of select locations in the city of San Diego will be provided the opportunity of ordering specifically chosen breakfast sandwiches and hash brows during any hour of the business day. The move will be conducted to simply please the customers who enjoy the restaurant’s breakfast but do not necessarily enjoy the time constraints that are placed on having the ability of ordering certain food items.

Mcdonald’s reasons for not serving breakfast through all hours of the day has been in relation the sizes of grills as they are too small to accommodate breakfast sandwich options during regular ordering hours. Now, a Mcdonald’s enthusiast can enjoy breakfast any time they would like, essentially meaning that they can sleep in if they’d like.

McDonald’s Latest Marketing Campaign Was A Dud

Yesterday McDonald’s restaurant chains had one of their biggest campaigns of the year yet no one really bothered to notice it. Wikipedia said it was not marketed well at all, and it was to take place in 24 countries around the world for 24 hours. Big things like a free concert in Australia went on, a fashion show with Sweden’s ski team, and a strange group photo of a Big Mac doing a “selfie” were all part of the campaign but it turned out to be a huge waste of time and money.

McDonald’s is not doing as well as its competitors in recent years as it is failing to keep up with some of the other big giants out there like Burger King and Chipotle, so they thought that this campaign was the perfect route to go. However, according to an article found on, it was one of those things that came off too much like an advertisement and almost no one around the world even knew it was going on and they weren’t excited about it either. It was a shame that the company didn’t handle this event well as it could have been really huge if the proper measures were taken to make it happen on a large scale. Hopefully McDonald’s will find a way to recover all that lost cash and recognize their employees instead of trying to put on a huge show.