McDonald’s Latest Marketing Campaign Was A Dud

Yesterday McDonald’s restaurant chains had one of their biggest campaigns of the year yet no one really bothered to notice it. Wikipedia said it was not marketed well at all, and it was to take place in 24 countries around the world for 24 hours. Big things like a free concert in Australia went on, a fashion show with Sweden’s ski team, and a strange group photo of a Big Mac doing a “selfie” were all part of the campaign but it turned out to be a huge waste of time and money.

McDonald’s is not doing as well as its competitors in recent years as it is failing to keep up with some of the other big giants out there like Burger King and Chipotle, so they thought that this campaign was the perfect route to go. However, according to an article found on, it was one of those things that came off too much like an advertisement and almost no one around the world even knew it was going on and they weren’t excited about it either. It was a shame that the company didn’t handle this event well as it could have been really huge if the proper measures were taken to make it happen on a large scale. Hopefully McDonald’s will find a way to recover all that lost cash and recognize their employees instead of trying to put on a huge show.