Mosquitoes Behave In Unusual Manner That May Make it Hard to Prevent Spread of Zika Virus


Health experts in the US predict that the Zika virus may make its way into the states as early as April or May. The virus is housed by a devious mosquito that feeds on human blood. During the day it looks for a human host, but at night it hides inside of closets and under beds.

In the US communities have protected themselves from mosquitoes that carry all types of diseases via pesticide fog that is sprayed by airplanes and trucks. However, a great deal of experts do not think this approach will be effective against the type of mosquito that transmits the Zika virus.

This is due to the fact that the Aedes aegypti mosquito hides on walls, in closets, and under bed which are all areas that pesticide will not reach. According to Sergio Cortes, fogging alone will not be enough to prevent the spread of the virus. Federal officials hope that routine garbage collection, air conditioning, and window screens will be enough to stop the Zika virus from becoming main spread although it is recognized that local outbreaks most likely will occur along the Gulf Coast which borders Central America.

WHO, the World Health Organization, has already declared an international health emergency after evidence was found that links the Zika virus to the development of microcephaly in infants. Pregnant women that contract the virus have a much higher risk of giving birth to a child with microcephaly, a condition in which the head of the infant is very small causing brain damage.

George Soros Street

The start of 2015 seemed to offer some hope for the stock market. The economy started to show some improvements. But these improvements did not last long. The latter half of 2015 seen the stock markets destabilize once again. China’s stock market crashed entirely.

This has some traders worried that we could be heading for the same situation we faced in 2008, but others don’t believe it will be as bad. Either way, these events demand attention. But some questions seems to stand out more than others. Is George Soros right? Should traders head his words of warning?
The Soros Prediction

George Soros has predicted that 2016 will see a stock market crisis similar to the one faced back in 2008. This prediction has faced some controversy. But when one of America’s top investors speak their mind, people listen.

There are many factors that contribute to the health of the stock market. No single event can trigger a collapse on its own. What it can do is create more pressure on an already overstressed market. For example, some experts say a lot of stocks are overvalued. Now, if this is true, the overvalued stocks would stand to take the most damage from even a small market downturn.
Moving Forward

As we move into 2016, many investors are fearful of things to come. The U.S economy is in better shape than it was in 2008. But will that be enough to fend off any ripple effects from China’s stock market crash? Or, is the Soros prediction going to come true? The best approach any investor can take is to maintain a level head.

There is no way to predict the future with 100% certainty. The best we can do is analyze the trends and make educated guesses. If Soros is correct, going into a panic with not solve the problem. Fear causes irrational decisions. Irrational decisions can spell disaster for any market trader.

That being said, it looks like 2016 will be a bumpy ride for the stock market. The destabilization seen in mid to late 2015 is unlikely to repair itself overnight.

The Forever Changing Assortment of Dog Food

Dog food seems to be forever changing. There are so many dog owners that have become fans of the premium food that is sweeping the market. Dog owners that are really concerned about the health of their dogs will agree that healthy dog food is the way to go. Fortunately, the growing number of choices has made it incredibly easy.

There is more dog food variety on the market than ever before. It is a growing trend and this is something that customers will continue to embrace for one simple reason: healthy foods for dog have been proven to be effective. Dog owners already know how dogs have reacted to various processed foods on with unknown ingredients. Dogs would eat this type of dog food, but most dogs have never been thrilled about the dog foods of the past.

It is the new wave of dog food that is presented by companies like Beneful on that has helped many people recognize the brands that work best. Beneful has variety, and this is always a good thing. It has become what dogs seem to love the most. Dogs will often crave the same type of strong brand variety that humans crave. They don’t want to eat the same thing daily, and the Beneful brand appears to be proof of this.

Beneful also provides variety because there are so many different dog varieties. A German Shepard may not desire to eat what a Beagle would eat. A French Poodle may have a different desire than a Great Dame. All of the different types of dogs will respond differently to the dog foods that are on the market. This is why it is important to consider the variety that is now available. This plays a very important part in the way each dog will react to the food. Beneful provides bundles of healthy food choices for customers to consider.

The growing number of dog food companies are putting more time into their dog foods choices. Some companies are even allowing customers to customize their own food for their dogs which further expands the selection choices.

YouTube Is The New Hollywood

In this day and age, getting famous is not as hard as it once used to be. Gone are the days of waiting for a Hollywood scout to discover you, now, YouTube gives users the chance to create their own channels and shows for the entire world to see. Some of these YouTubers have gone on to become famous, and have even won awards dedicated to this new sensation.
With 3 billion total views and 10.7 million subscribers, Ray William Johnson has launched his fame to the fast track. The comedian provides hilarious commentary for viral videos on his show titled “Equals Three”. His success has led to his ability to retain famous guest stars for his commentary panel including Robin Williams and Sarah Silverman. He just recently announced he would be exiting his series to focus on new projects in television and live shows.
Jenna Marbles is one of the most recognizable names in YouTube. She began with BarStool Sports before moving on to posting comedic videos like “How To Trick People Into Thinking You’re Good Looking” which quickly went viral. She is referred to as a model YouTube star and earns around $350,000 per year from her channel.
Wengie, real name Wendy Huang, has made quite a name for herself both on YouTube and in the world of beauty. She runs her own YouTube show called The Wonderful World of Wengie where she shares trends, tutorials, and reviews on products.
This Australian based beauty blogger starts each day with ginseng tea and soy coffee to load up on antioxidants. She lives beauty rituals and centers her diet around skin loving foods. She began her site four years ago when she was employed at a digital marketing agency that served clients who were bloggers. After years telling people they should begin their own blogs to start a career, she took her own advice and began her own blog which has now catapulted her into the world of YouTube fame.
As these now famous YouTubers can attest, anyone can become famous with the right content and personality. Simply knowing what to say and how to say it is really all it takes.

Status Labs Works for Businesses that Need SEO

Status Labs is known for its purpose in improving the reputation of its clients. However, that is not all it does. While many clients that go to Status Labs are those that have been hit with a bad report that has cost them a lot of business, there are companies that could use some of the talents that are offered by Status Labs. A lot of online businesses are struggling in order to make a penny for its efforts. Status Labs can provide the optimized content that is needed to get it ranking on the first page of the search results.

For one thing, the best chance that an online business has in making huge profits is in appearing on the first page of the search results. Many people do not go beyond the first page of search results for any given search term or keyword. Status Labs provides the optimized content needed not only to get the client up to the front page of the search results but to also make the client appealing so that people will want to visit the client. When the client is presented in such an appealing light, then his business will improve.

So many people have experienced the benefits that Status Labs has given them that Status Labs has raised its revenue by 939 percent within the last 3 years. This says a lot for a company. Status Labs has provided content and done some PR work for all kinds of clients which include politicians and Fortune 500 companies. Their wide variety of successes show that they can be trusted for any project. They can also be trusted to work with anyone.

One thing that makes them such a success as a company is that they are very passionate about what they do. They are willing to sit and work with their clients in order to bring forth the services needed. They understand that a happy client is a successful business. They are not happy unless the client is happy. They started the business with the client in mind. This mentality of being a provider is what makes the professionals of Status Labs a winning business.


North Korea is the most secretive country on earth. No one knows how exactly it operates or runs. There is little information about the state that is available since it shares its information with nobody. The story of Yeonmi park, a north Korea defector sheds some light on this nation. According to Park, the most unheard thing in Korea is freedom. The country citizens are more worried about food and other essential needs that freedom makes it last on the list of priorities. Park discussed the secrets held by the secretive nation in her interview with the dailymail. Com Park had the taste of freedom in March 2007 when she defected from the communist country. She made good her escape through the frozen river of yalu. She accompanied her mother on a deadly night before they arrived in China with no idea what they needed to do next. The journey through to escape from the oppressive country was not straightforward. Park, being only thirteen years of age, had to survive in the harsh Gobi Desert through Mongolian border before connecting to South Korea on a plane. Such a brave act took strength to accomplish for the little Yeonmi Park. She regrets that her father died even before tasting freedom and democracy in the free world. Park disclosed to reason TV that she was subjected to abuse and starvation even went to the extent of contemplating suicide. The touching story of Park publishes the inhuman acts going on in the communist nation. A government so oppressive that the law cuts only the oppressed citizens, and the elite use it to remain in power. The democracy in the world is the best gift one can enjoy. Imagining being in north Korea for a day, those who complain that freedom is right will know it’s a privilege. The story of a young North Korean girl park who escaped the country at 13 has caught the world reader’s attention. The Pyongyang government released a video to counter and discredit part of the story. Reacting to such a touching exposure with a discrediting video is north Korean propaganda. The article is recapped from through the link

Visual Search Offering Better Business Transaction Capability

Business executives who have a long experience in the business world will explain that there have been numerous changes in the world that have impacted business positively. Technology takes the biggest slot in the list of systems that have been utilized to make businesses better. Many people will agree that information is a powerful tool that should not be taken for granted when you want to manage a profitable business. In some instances, people might end up misusing this privilege and their ventures will not be able to attain the right productivity. Most important among these considerations is technology for business. Many will agree that technology serves many purposes, among them being to offer convenience and to speed up processes. The introduction of visual search can be termed as a great step towards offering a better way of handling customers. Image recognition helps customers to easily handled purchases as it acts as a simple way to search online without necessarily having to type.

Many search engines and browsers are compatible with visual search technology and this has worked in favor of many business people. You will also realize that while searching in the traditional fashion, you are forced to spend more time trying to sort through different sites so as to come across the item you are searching for. This is not the case with visual search. Getting the right product takes few seconds of searching online and does not require much expertise. The only thing that is required is a picture of the item you are looking to buy. Some websites will offer more features to allow you to purchase directly once the product is availed. Businesses that have adopted the visual search technology enjoy a better position in the market and are capable of receiving more sales and traffic.

Slyce has emerged as a reliable platform that businesses can use to make their online stores friendly to visuals search applications. Led by a group of professionals, Slyce offers numerous advantages to the owner of the online store. They offer features that help to make your website more visible when users search for items through visual search. Integrating the Slyce system to your website is also something that will not affect the functionality of the website. Instead, the software works to make it easier for customers to reach your website. It is also necessary to learn more about the system by following this link.

George Soros Lays out Plan for Helping Syrian Refugees

via Forbes

At 17, he fled communist Hungary for Britain, worked as a porter and a waiter in London, and ultimately became the world’s richest hedge fund manager. Now according to his Forbes profile, George Soros is worth 24.5 billion dollars. He spends his fortune on causes for the less fortunate and in the midst of the confusion over the Syrian refugee crisis he has called for smart, humanitarian solutions which benefit all the parties involved.

In September, Soros wrote an opinion piece in Market Watch to detail his proposed solution for the Syrian refugee crisis that has divided Europe. In Soros’ eyes, the problem has gone from a problem to a crisis because each European Union member state has chosen to focus on its own needs and its own interests ahead of the other countries. His counter-offer, that the EU take a firmer role and guide the refugees into the continent at a safer, more orderly rate while paying them 15,000 Euros for resettlement expenses, would cut down on inter-state bickering and avoid the need for coercion.

The rest of the plan is more international in its scope. Part of any successful immigration plan, he explains, is the need for refugees to have a safe channel from their previous homes into the places they are running to. Therefore, he argues that the EU needs to work with intermediary states more, especially Turkey, to make sure that those safe passageways exist. For that to work, he said that the EU and other nations, including the United States need to make sure that Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey and other countries with the most refugees have the money they need to fund and care for the refugees in their borders.

A willingness to take risks and plan for the best in the long run has long characterized Soros’ investment strategies. In 1992 he gained the nickname “the Man who Broke the Bank of England” for the $10 billion dollars he risked in a single currency speculation when he shorted the British pound. That investment worked in his favor; as points out, he generated a one day profit of a billion dollars and a longer-term profit of two billion dollars.

With this new focus on refugees and ensuring that they can find a better life in Europe Soros is, in many respects, coming full circle.

Selling Any House With the Help of The 990 Company

A house is many things. A house is a place to live where memories are created. A house is also a place where people may chose to invest money. Many people will buy and sell at least one house during the course of their lifetime. Buying and selling a house can be quite stressful and difficult, especially if the person in question has not sold a house before. It is important for any seller to be aware of multiple factors when they planning to sell their house. Attention to such details can be highly important and help make the process of selling a house flow much more smoothly.

Real estate professionals such as Gregory D. Hague fully understand this process. They know what must be done to make sure that any house that is put on the market will sell as soon as possible. It is their understanding of the forces that shape the housing market that can help anyone sell their house even if the person does not know much about the housing market or has little time to devote to the process of selling it. A professional like Hague can be the seller’s best friend during the house selling process.

Hague has a great deal of background in the field of both real estate and that of law. His work in this field began early when he was growing up in Ohio. His entire family has been in the business of buying and selling real estate for many years. Hague was trained from an early age to understand the needs of buyers and sellers. He learned how to please both sides in any real estate transaction. This has helped him gain an understanding of all aspects of the real estate market, an understanding that has helped him continue to enjoy a great deal of success in the field and assist his clients at the same time.

It is that kind of drive that also helped him begin The 990 Sells Homes Company, a company devoted to the needs of clients who want and need a real estate agent on their side as they sell their home to the public. Staffers here know how best to market properties to the public. They also know how to do so at decreased cost. Anyone who needs to sell their house but wishes to stick to a budget will find a great deal of help from this company through all parts of the stages of preparing a house for sale, finding a buyer and then negotiating the best possible terms for the sale of the house to their buyers. This can make the process of selling a house far easier and much less stressful.

Beneful Has Great Food Choices for Man’s Best Friend

When it comes to food for your dog there are a dizzying amount of choices to make. Should you look for dry or wet food? How many times a day should your dog eat? Should you stick with a grain free diet? Are you ready to switch from puppy food to adult food yet? Purina Beneful has foods to fit any decision you make. While you should speak to your vet and read a few breed specific books, making the right choice will be easy with Beneful’s food lineup. If you choose dry dog food you can start with Beneful’s “Originals” line that comes in three varieties, Beef, Chicken and Salmon. Each is accentuated with different vegetables and provides your dog with 100% of their daily nutritional needs. The Original Salmon provides your furry friend with a good source of Omega 3 that can help give your dog a shiny coat. If your four-legged friend is starting to tip the scales a bit too much and you’d like to get him back to a good weight, Beneful has a dry dog food that is just the thing. It has fewer calories than the other offerings and maintains the same nutritional value as other Beneful dry dog foods. If you’d rather give your dog wet food Beneful offers a good mix of both flavors and sizes to suit your needs. Like the “Originals” lineup in the dry food, Beneful offers chopped wet food in Chicken, Beef and Salmon. In addition, lamb and turkey options are offered. Whichever decision you make for your dog, Beneful has a food option that suits your needs. You can rest easy in the knowledge that your pooch is getting the nutrition he needs and has a delicious meal waiting for him whenever you feed him. The Beneful food brand can be found in any major pet store and most grocery stores. Beneful provides food in many different sizes depending on your needs and storage space.