Collaborative Environments of Shared Office Spaces


The workforce is changing. For one thing, the confines of a 9-5 work day is slowly fading away and making room for the newer and more efficient types of workforce. This is the collaborative work space. This is also known as co-working spaces or shared office spaces. A growing number of people are discovering the meaningfulness of shared office spaces. For one thing, the environment is a lot different. People fill more at home in the work environment. Given that there are a few different companies in the same work space, this takes pressure off of people to perform. Instead, people are more likely to help each other with the extra sill sets.

One major benefit that co-working spaces give people is the fact that they don’t have to put on some kind of persona. They also don’t have to look for any office politics which can actually get in the way of work that needs to be done. Often times, traditional workplaces are filled with a lot of drama, backbiting and plotting. Shared office spaces have a lower likelihood for that. Therefore, people are more relaxed in this kind of environment. It also helps that the environment is a bit different from the typical workforce environment.

One example of a good co-working space is Workville. Workville is located in New York City and is a great place for entrepreneurs to meet and collaborate with each other. They work together in order to reach goals. As a result of the hard work and collaboration, many people in this shared work space have seen lots of success. They have also made tons of friends as well as learned a lot of new skills which helps them advance their business to new levels of success.

Workville shared office space NYC and other co-working spaces are ideal for start-ups and small businesses. The culture makes it possible for people to breathe easily. One thing that small businesses and entrepreneurs don’t have to worry about is losing their jobs. They have a greater sense of job security and are able to support themselves as well as make improvements to their lifestyle.

Quench Your Thirsty Lips: 3 Products to Sooth and Smooth

Thirsty lips are the worst. These three products will help you quench those thirsty lips and give you that smooch-able pout you’ve been dreaming of.

Evolution of Smooth (E.O.S)

Evolution of Smooth or E.O.S cools, quenches, and soothes your lips into absolute perfection. Their products are everywhere, and for good reason. They work. They keep their promises, and they are the one step trick to getting your lips to be their best.

EOS lip balm is not just a gateway to lip heaven, but they also provide organic solutions to lip care. Their Organic Smooth Spheres and Sticks are wonderful, earth and health conscious solutions to lip care without sacrificing quality. E.O.S. even provides medicated lip balms in organic options so you have all your bases covered. EOS lip balm products are available on local Walmart stores. It can also be ordered online from the Amazon website.

For more info on EOS visit the following links:


    Burt’s Bees

    Burt’s Bees lip balms are ever popular among those seeking natural solutions to everyday needs. These lip balms are made with all natural ingredients and they feel, look, and taste great. For those looking for to double up on fashion and function, Burt’s Bees also makes tinted lip balms.

    Burt’s Bees, though slightly more expensive than other options, is a favorite among chapped lip sufferers because they are natural, and they get the job done. Burt’s Bees is a no nonsense approach to lip care.

    Lizard Lips

    This totally fun approach to lip care will have your lips chap free, and super soft in no time. Lizard Lips focuses on total lip health and protection providing wearers with protection. Lizard Lips is the self-proclaimed lip balm of adventurers, and they are super fun to use and wear.

    This is another healthy approach to lip care and comes in a USDA Certified Organic option for those who wish to keep things natural.


The Search Fixers Are Able To Fix Bad Reviews


When it comes to fully understanding just how powerful the world of search engines and online profiles are, go try to search someone or something right now as proof. You will not only see there are countless listings, hundreds of results, and possibly even thousands of responses when it comes to the information about a given individual or business. However, one thing you can also see is that the information that shows up near the top of the search list are the first few impressions people will wind up having about that specific search. That’s exactly why you need to protect your search results reputation, and one of the best companies to do that is The Search Fixers.

The point of The Search Fixers and other online reputation management companies just like them is that no matter where you go or where you turn in the real world, someone may recognize you. However, when you get to the online realm, then the only thing you need to know is that people can come out of nowhere and say things about you. You can get anything from bad reviews, interesting tags, and even have more information that gets out just because it is public. You may not be comfortable with information about your or your past being right up on the front page of search results for Google, Bing, or Yahoo, but as long as it is out on the internet, good luck trying to take it down. That’s where The Search Fixers comes in. They fix bad reviews.

If you imagine how much a bad piece of press or publicity can actually cost you, then you should be aware of why so many people are turning to The Search Fixers now to protect their reputation. After all, it isn’t just about internet reputation repair and correcting bad news that will show up in a feed by trying to remove it or push it down in the order, it is also about coming up with a strategy going forward that will allow for a cleaner image and reputation.

The Search Fixers’ reputation management consultants are absolutely some of most efficient individuals in the game today when it comes to making sure your business or your personal image is not just protected today, but also has a plan in place for the long haul as well. Regardless of what you have done or end up doing in the future, it makes the most sense to work with professionals who can fix your online image.


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Tarallucci e Vino: The place for Italian food

When you want to host a special event in NYC, it can be a challenge to find the perfect event space. Thankfully, New York has you covered as far as event space is concerned. There are spaces available to elegantly host your party, anniversary, wedding, and any other event you want to celebrate with style. Of course the dining is as spectacular as the event spaces.

Charlie Bird
This Italo-American restaurant is more than relaxed and nostalgic of the boombox era. The visually stimulating yellow seats and rustic chairs blend well with the decor and music selection. Expect to hear sounds of Jay Z, Snoop Dogg, and the like, whilst you dine on brunch, lunch, or dinner. Enjoy the tastes of wild ocean trout, roasted chicken, and charred artichokes. Charlie Bird also has an intimate private dining room that is perfect for 10 guests. You can make reservations for an intimate party or take your big group in and be seated in the main area. Perhaps you’ll want to try the uni pasta this Soho restaurant is becoming known for. If you have little ones, the restaurant is very accommodating for them and they’ll love the homemade pasta. You can expect Charlie Bird to serve up an excellent meal 7 days a week and even late night.

The Nomad
In the Flatiron and Nomad neighborhood, stop in at The Nomad for a taste of New American dishes. This polished and ornate restaurant designed by Jacques Garcia sits you on velvet seats and Persian rugs. Enjoy breakfast or come in late at night and enjoy the skylight. Take a seat on the rooftop and enjoy trout smoked with cucumber or duck roasted with fresno pepper. You’re sure to find the dish that tantalizes you at The Nomad.

Tarallucci e Vino
When it comes to getting a private event space in New York, it’s necessary to mention Tarallucci. In Union Square, you have the choice of two different event spaces that are well suited for any occasion. Count on Chef Ricardo Bilotta to give you the perfect blend of the modern culinary world and traditional Italian fare. You are certain to find the dish that speaks to you. Enjoy your dish in the intimate Mezzanine area which is designed for small group gatherings. Whether you’re hosting 30 or 80, The Mezzanine is sure to exceed your expectations.

All of your needs as well as your guest’s need can easily be met. The area is complete with a lounge area, bar, and beautiful antique furnishings. If elegance and space are important facets to your ideal private event space, take a close look at Tarallucci e Vino. Partake in wine from the custom wine cellar and revel in the sophistication. The 6th Floor Loft can actually be altered just for your event. Have the space changed to better suit your business meeting or birthday party as you see fit. The opulent surroundings at Tarallucci are simply spectacular. The space provides the perfect background for you to host nearly any event. Find Directions Below:


Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer (Duda Melzer): Current Chairman & President of Grupo RBS

Duda Melzer is the president and chairperson of Grupo RBS, which is a major media company in Brazil. He is also the chairperson and founder of e.Bricks that is an investment company in the digital line of business that operates in the United States as well as Brazil. He is also serving on the boards of Ibere Carmago foundations, Bienniel of Mercosul,, e.Bricks Digital. Duda Melzer is also a regular participant in individual conferences that include by Sun Valley and Google, by Allen and Co, Zeitgeist.

Duda Melzer graduated from the Catholic University of pontifical with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and also earned an MBA degree from the University of Harvard in the United States of America. As a Booz Allen Hamilton company senior consultant, he started his career and later on went to serve as a financial analyst at Delphi and was the then director general of the Boxtop nontraditional media firm.

He is a member of the third generation of Sirotsky family and was one of the few members that qualified to be chosen for the list of leaders for the Cambridge Institute of family business and enterprise. This is an institute that brings together the 25 leaders from around the world, every year, which are taking family business leadership roles and are considered as good examples in society.

John A.Davis, a professor at Harvard University, is the most significant influence in the life of Duda Melzer. John is an expert in family business and one of the most sought after consultant in the world today. For him, the distinguishing feature of every successful business is good governance. He has also implemented strategic concepts that were developed from the most influential analysts in the business world: Ram Charan & Jim Collins.

Learn More about Duda Melzer:

Malini Finds A Way Into The Industry Of Making Investment

Where there is a will, there is a way. Malini Saba has proved that. She is one of the people that does not give up in the face of opposition or obstacles. When a door seems to be closed in an industry that she wants to get in, she doesn’t just give up and walk away. She looks for another way to get in. She has found a way to break into the investment industry. Malini has started a company called Saban. With her skills and expertise in the industry, she has brought a lot of success to her firm.

Prior to starting Saban, Malini has tried to invest in companies through a VC group. Afterwards, she has decided to start her own group which handles investments throughout the world. She invests in various companies in many different industries and markets which include technology, oil, real estate and plenty of other markets. Like other successful investors, she has shown a lot of wisdom in the choices she has made when looking for companies to invest in. She has been very successful because of her unique approach to making investments. She has her own method for success.

When Malini makes her investments, she goes to the opposite of the trends she sees. She looks at the market at a viewpoint of where it would be 3 to 5 years from now. She doesn’t try to make short term profits. She understands that short term investing is more harmful than helpful for her. She looks at the future with the perspective what is being done at the moment. She also looks for an opening that she can get into so that she can make the most profits in her business. Malini has found an opening during the first part of the new Millennium. She has found an industry that she could trust for investments. She has also made some amazing returns throughout the years from real estate.

Malini will continue to make progress towards her goals. She is an example for other investors to follow. She is also someone to look to when it comes to finding a way to break into the industry.

Nutrimost Filed Federal Lawsuit Against Rival Healthy Living

In Federal Court recently, Nutrimost filed a lawsuit alleging that its rival, Healthy Living stole a promotional video intending to promote their new weight-loss program. The suit claims Healthy Living ripped off the video and placed it on their website “Can’tLoseDiet”.

The version of the video that Healthy Living is charged with stealing has all references to Nutrimost removed and replaced it with “Can’t Lose Diet”. However, testimonials from current Nutrimost customers were kept including one by their principal author, Dr. Ray Wisniewski, a practioner of what is called “pastoral medicine”.

Both versions of the video from the rival companies are the same, making the same claims. Both videos claim you will lose between 25-45 lbs in 40 days. Other identically worded claims in the videos say that you will not need any drugs, nor eat pre-packaged meals, be hungry, or even exercise.

Even though Healthy Living was charged with a cease-and-desist letter, they still kept the video on their website, with the only modification to the video being it was shorter than the original version.

At this time, it appears the pirated video is not on their website anymore, and Nutrimost has asked the Court to keep Healthy Living from ever showing the video again, and, in addition, asking for $300,000 in damages.

Nutrimost claims itself to be “the Ultimate Weight Loss System”. A client can lose up to 40 pounds of weight in 40 days on the program. By following this program, a person can lose that weight and not exercise, be hungry, use no drugs or hormones, and be totally safe.

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Makari de Suisse is a luxury skin care brand that uses plants and caviar extracts as a natural way to deal with skin issues. Today, Makari is the leading brand in skin whitening creams that are accessible to everyone due to its location in Europe. Their skin lightening creams even the tone skin and provides a lighter complexion especially among women and men of color. Their skin products contain vitamins and minerals that aid a healthy skin. Products for skin lightening include:
Makari Clear-Acnyl Cream
This cream designed for women with acne-prone skin contains clearing and soothing agents that deeply penetrates the skin to treat acne.
Makari Night Skin Lightening Cream
This cream lightens dark patches on the skin without any irritant effects. It also contains antibacterial properties that regulate sebum secretion. It works for both normal and dry skin types.
Makari Day Skin Lightening Cream
It contains high lightening agent content, giving it a powerful and durable effect without irritating the skin. This gentle cream stimulates the formation of new epidermal cells without pigmenting the skin.
Makari Caviar Face Lightening Cream
Made precisely for dark toned skins, this pleasantly scented cream reinstates major skin functions and prevents the appearance of premature expression lines. The cream evens the skin tone and creates a visibly finer and firmer luminous skin complexion. It works for both normal and dry skin types.
Makari Body Clarifying Cream
This cream combines clarifying, nourishing and hydrating properties that lead to a smooth and an ultra soft skin. It helps relieve dryness and discoloration around the hands, knees, feet and elbows. It works to clarify and even the skin tone of darker spots in the body.
Makari Clarifying Scrubbing Cream
This cream quickly eliminates dead cells and excessive sebum. It clears tiny blemishes that hinder skin renewal, leaving a healthy glowing skin.
Makari Body Beautifying Milk
This light, silky cream lightens and moisturizes the skin complexion, clearing pigmented marks and signs of premature aging. It is particularly pleasant to the touch, gentle and nonirritant. Ideal for daily use o face and body and works for normal and oily skin types.
Makari Skin Whitening Exfoliating Clarifying Antiseptic Soap
It contains a pure natural whitening agent to ensure a smooth and even toned skin complexion.

Learn about all of their products here:

How Can This Dallas Bank Change A Life?

The best part of working with the team at Nexbank is that they offer the best customer service. There are many people who are going to be able to get loans at the bank, or they can find a place that offers them a nice place to open a bank account. I just needed a bank that was going to help me open an account, and then I started taking advantage of the things that they had to offer. It felt nice to get this kind of service, and then I was able to see that I could get loans and other financial services.

NexBank Reports Strong Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2015 Results

The Nexbank people have been helping me ever since I came in for a car loan, and they were able to finance the car without a problem. They made it so that I did not have to worry about it. It just made my life a lot easier, and it meant that I did not have to go to yet another place when I was looking for a loan. I also did the same thing when I got a home loan through Nexbank Capital. They made it so that I could get through the process without a problem.

I felt very good about how I was going to get service at Nexbank, and they are now helping me with a business loan. They have all the things that you could ever need when you go to a bank, and they have made me feel like I am worthy of that level of service. It just makes much more sense for people like me to get help from one bank instead of shopping around. Nexbank has made it easy for me to get help, and they have saved me a lot of time shopping around for banking services.

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How Did Help Securus Make Calling My Cousin A Breeze?

I am not someone who uses special apps on my phone, and I have been in a place many times where I knew that I was not going to be able to use technology the way that I wanted. I have wanted to try new things, but I usually do not understand it. However, I have found a PR Newswire feature that talks about Securus so that I an call my cousin, and I admit that it works. There is far too much to talk about over a normal phone call, and now I get to have a video call with my cousin when I want. I can get the app to work, and Securus has it set up so that I can call easily.
We have video calls where I can see how he is doing, and I am able to assure myself that he will be alright. This is something that has always stressed me out, but now I am going to be able to see him on my schedule. He knows what I will be calling, and he gets to get on the video call when we have set up a time. The prison has worked with Securus to make this easy, and I am very thankful for it.

I would never have been able to get to the prison, but now it is like I am there all the time. I get to see my cousin, and there is no doubt that he is doing good. That means that I can sleep well at night, and I do not have to worry about what is happening. I can just schedule a call over the Securus app, and then I can get him on the line to see what is happening. He will get out soon, and this will help us a lot until then.

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Oui Oui Food