Beneful Has Great Food Choices for Man’s Best Friend

When it comes to food for your dog there are a dizzying amount of choices to make. Should you look for dry or wet food? How many times a day should your dog eat? Should you stick with a grain free diet? Are you ready to switch from puppy food to adult food yet? Purina Beneful has foods to fit any decision you make. While you should speak to your vet and read a few breed specific books, making the right choice will be easy with Beneful’s food lineup. If you choose dry dog food you can start with Beneful’s “Originals” line that comes in three varieties, Beef, Chicken and Salmon. Each is accentuated with different vegetables and provides your dog with 100% of their daily nutritional needs. The Original Salmon provides your furry friend with a good source of Omega 3 that can help give your dog a shiny coat. If your four-legged friend is starting to tip the scales a bit too much and you’d like to get him back to a good weight, Beneful has a dry dog food that is just the thing. It has fewer calories than the other offerings and maintains the same nutritional value as other Beneful dry dog foods. If you’d rather give your dog wet food Beneful offers a good mix of both flavors and sizes to suit your needs. Like the “Originals” lineup in the dry food, Beneful offers chopped wet food in Chicken, Beef and Salmon. In addition, lamb and turkey options are offered. Whichever decision you make for your dog, Beneful has a food option that suits your needs. You can rest easy in the knowledge that your pooch is getting the nutrition he needs and has a delicious meal waiting for him whenever you feed him. The Beneful food brand can be found in any major pet store and most grocery stores. Beneful provides food in many different sizes depending on your needs and storage space.

Jon Uses GoFundMe for a Better Planet

Airplane pilot Jon Urbana is supporting the fight for a better and cleaner environment. In order to show his support for a better and healthier Earth, he is supporting Earth Force, a company that is trying to bring forth a better environment for inhabitants. Jon is in support of this idea and has started a crowd funding campaign that utilizes videos and Twitter in order to get the funding for the company, in addition to PR handled by Urbana and his team. This has led to mentions in Digital Journal, and a bigger piece in Bloomberg.

The goal for this crowdfunding effort is $1750. This allows people to support Earth Force by giving money to the campaign. This will also lead to a cleaner environment in every part of the planet. Use of proceeds is explained in a video prepared by Urbana on behalf of the campaign.


Jon Urbana is using his Facebook account to draw attention to the cause, and Go Fund Me as a source for funding. This is not the first time he has used Go Fund Me for kick starting a company or a project. Another company that Jon Urbana has supported through Crowdrise is ARAS. This is another company that is working to improve the conditions of the world.

The companies that he supports are indicators of the artist’s passion for music and a better and cleaner Earth. He also wants to empower the youth to make a difference in their culture for the better. Urbana’s LinkedIn update showed that truly believes in healthy environments, and understands that healthy air and food as well as other aspects of the environment are very important to the health of the people living on this planet. This mirrors work that he did at Villanova as a member of their lacrosse team.

With Earth Force, Jon is trying to get as many youths involved in the project as he can. He is looking to his days as a pilot for highly energetic youths that are hoping to put a lot of work in cleaning up the environment and keeping it clean for future generations. They are also passionate about making the planet more inhabitable for other animals, with a few pictures of their work posted to Instagram.

#instagood #instalike #webstagram #follow4follow #like4like

A photo posted by Jon Urbana (@jonurbana) on

#instagood #instalike #webstagram #follow4follow #like4like A photo posted by Jon Urbana (@jonurbana) on

#instagood #instalike #webstagram #follow4follow #like4like

A photo posted by Jon Urbana (@jonurbana) on

Urbana is one of the people with a website that is dedicated to making life better for everyone. He is not just out to follow some selfish ambition. Jon is also doing a good thing to involve the youth in his plans so that the can have a sense of purpose and fulfillment that encourages them to fight for a higher cause. When people have a higher calling, they tend to be more productive.

Don’t forget to visit Jon’s Slideshare board and his profile to connect with the man behind the fundraiser.


Chicago is among the most populous cities in the United States. It has an estimated population of 2.7 million residents on Chicago has several renowned business leaders and investors in the United States. Mr. Kenneth Griffin is one of the business moguls of Chicago. He among the Forbes top 400 richest Americans. Mr. Griffin is worth an estimated 6.6 million dollars. He is the founder and the CEO of Citadel Company. A great firm I the hedge firm management industry with over 25 billion dollars in capital. Ken Griffin on blogs.wsj is a Harvard University graduate in economics. His extensive career in investment industry started back in his days at Harvard. At his second year in the university, Griffin had installed a satellite link to have continuous real-time market data. He started a hedge fund that mainly focused on convertible bond arbitrage. It had an estimated $265000 raised from friends and family.

After graduating from Harvard University, Mr. Frank c Meyer offered Mr. Griffin $ 1 million to invest. He exceeded Meyer’s expectation, and Ken Griffin’s investment provided Meyer more than 70% in returns. In 1990, Mr. Griffin founded Citadel. The company grew fast and by 1998 had more than 100 employees and more than a billion dollar in investment capital. The CFO magazine included Griffin top 100 lists. The magazines rank influential and financial moguls in the world. Within Two decades in the industry, he has featured numerous times in the Forbes top 400 as Citadel CEO. He first appeared in the famous magazine in 2003 and was worth more than $650million by then. Ken Griffin featured as the youngest self-made individual at an age of 34 years. He was ranked as the eighth richest under forty Americans by fortune in September 2004 at an age of 35 years.

Milken Institute global conference featured Griffin as a panelist. He spoke about Citadel and building organizations more complex by investing in employees. Griffin said he believed that by giving more access to shareholders and activists to boardrooms, the society was more to benefit. He has severally voiced his stand on issues concerning financial regulations and market structures. He has testified in many government hearings as business executive .such as the Senate Committee where he testified on the role of law in shaping equity market structure and electronic trading. Mr. Griffin criticized the risk management of Wall Street in 2008 by reiterating the importance of the industry to take responsibility in risk management.

In addition to an excellent business career, Mr. Griffin is also very active philanthropically. He has donated in excesses of $500 million in support of various causes. He and Bill Melinda Foundation funded and supported the building of a charter school in Chicago. The school, known as Woodlawn high school is in Chicago. In February Mr. Griffin donated $150 million to Harvard University. Mr. Griffin also has on several occasions supported initiatives run for children help. He contributed $16million to Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago. He also donated $10 million to Chicago Heights early childhood.

Bernardo Chua Continues to Expand Organo Gold into New Markets

Bernardo Chua is the founder and chief executive officer of Organo Gold, an international gourmet coffee company that is continuing to expand in to new markets every year. Founded by Chua in 2008 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Organo Gold has since grown tremendously through its sale of coffees, teas, nutraceuticals, and personal care products.

Chua founded Organo Gold with the mission of bringing the “treasures of the earth to the people of the world.” What differentiates Organo Gold from other coffee and tea companies is that Organo Gold products all include certified organic Ganoderma, which is a mushroom hailed in holistic Chinese medicine as an extremely important herb that can help people become strong and live a long life.
On his blog he’s said that Chua founded Organo Gold as a network marketing company, so independent distributors and employees sell the products in 39 countries. The company’s success has been attributed to Chua’s expertise in network marketing. In fact Organo Gold has received several awards for its success, including the “Direct Sales Company of the Year” award. It was also recently named as the 55th largest direct sales companies in the world, according to Direct Selling News.

Although he has already achieved tremendous success in his career, Chua does not seem to be slowing down if his Facebook and Twitter are any real indication. He recently announced that Organo Gold would be expanding its operations to open in Turkey, the 39th country in which his company will operate. He is also continuing to focus on maintaining the quality of the products his company sells. He routinely works with the top ganoderma producers in the world to guarantee top-quality products at a reasonable price to the consumer. He is also funding ganoderma research so that his company can be an industry leader as more is learned about the ancient herb.

Chua has also personally received recognition and awards for his success. For example, in 2014 he was given the Dangal ng Bayan Award for Business and Industry by the Joint 22nd Annual People’s Choice and National Consumers Quality Awards. This award is given to Filipinos who have excelled in the business world and have the ability to motivate other Filipinos to achieve excellence in business. Clearly Chua’s international success made him an eligible recipient for this award.

Lime Crime Offers High Quality

I’ve always had a tough time finding makeup products to fit my complexion. I have blonde hair and incredibly pale skin. Therefore, I had to be very careful with the cosmetics that I chose to put on my face. If I used anything too dark, I could end up looking like a clown which would not have been good. I always struggled with finding products when I went to the store. That’s because everything seemed to look the same and it all seemed to be created for those with a darker complexion.

I’m a big fan of lipstick and I had spent a good portion of my life searching for the perfect nude lipstick for my skin tone. I could never find it. The colors were always either too dark. The ones I found that matched either had a gross taste to them, didn’t apply right, and didn’t stay on. I was ready to give up when a coworker of mine suggested Lime Crime. She has a darker skin tone and she said she found a nude color from them that looked great on her but she thought it might look great on me, as well. I tried it on and sure enough! It was absolutely perfect. I rushed to the website and bought my own tube. It was very feminine looking which perfectly complemented my look. I have to dress up for work in dresses and skirts and this lip color was the perfect compliment. It wasn’t too much, it just just enough to make me look supper classy and beautiful. It had peachy undertones which looked particularly glamorous in the light or out in the sun.

I think a reason that Lime Crime really nailed this color is because of the founder, Doe Deere. I have seen pictures of her and she has the same hair and skin tones as myself! Therefore, I put a lot of trust into her products because she knew how to rock her paler skin. If she could then I could! I haven’t been disappointed with any of these products. Other than the lipstick, I’ve tried her nail polish line as well. Just like the lipstick, the nail polish lasted a long time on my hands. It didn’t chip away and it was a fun and bright color!

All of her products work well together to pull off one cohesive look. Never again will I try cheap mass-produced products. Anytime I need eyeliner, lip liner, eye shadow, or anything else I will turn to Lime Crime. They truly encompass what I need in a makeup product. They make products that they are proud to wear themselves! They’ve tested these products to ensure quality and longevity. They also never test their products on animals which is a huge plus to me. I am so fond of this product and have absolutely no complaints. I look forward to trying even more colors and options!

Fine Italian Leather Ultimate Key in Trending Men’s Shoes

The fresh, seductive scent of fine leather; we all know it and beyond that unforgettable aroma, is its unmistakable beauty.

Soft Italian leather stands tall above the rest, and when it comes to men’s leather shoes, the material is most important. That is why a small investment in a great pair makes all the difference.

If we look at trending men’s shoes, we find that comfort and style are important, and that women are not the only ones who seek perfection in footwear. From head-to-toe, shoes complete the look.

The Fall runways were eager to show men walking around in the classics as well as the crazy cool. From simple cap-toe lace-ups to old-school penny loafers in suede and tassel details, it’s a timeless look for gentlemen everywhere. Black leather Chelsea boots took center stage also, because of their wonderful versatility for any day of the week. Sporty, souped-up brogues were turning heads for their “amped up” chunkier rubber soles. Sneakers are always cool, and even sexier with low and high-tops embellished with shearling details.

Men have many choices this season and following into the new year. Whether it’s throw-back collegiate styles or funky footwear with jazzed up jewel tones, men should be looking for quality, and that’s where Paul Evans NY comes into the picture. is the perfect way to buy a great-looking pair of shoes without leaving the comfort of your home, job, car or even the mountain peak your are climbing. Say so long to a crowded mass of shoes piled to the ceiling in most retail shops where volume and mass production take priority.

Instead, sit back and explore the gorgeous selection of fine Italian leather at, and when you’ve made your decision on one or two or more pairs, then the simple click of a mouse seals the deal. Your next step is to wait for delivery, right to your doorstep, in every luxurious detail. Free shipping worldwide and free US returns just add to the excellence in the company’s mission.

It’s rather simple- designed in New York and made in Naples; what more do you need?

You cannot compete with fine Italian leather; it is undoubtedly the very best. offers a handsome collection of oxfords, loafers, boots, monk straps and sneakers. These seductive leathers are so rich in tone and texture, they almost jump off the computer screen. Plus, Paul Evans NY foot wear is an affordable investment that will last the test of time. is the modern way to foot shop, gentlemen. It’s time to take a look and fall in love with exceptional and elegant Italian construction. Yes, shoes do make the man. Just ask most women.

Susan McGalla’s Outstanding Career

Susan McGalla is an American businesswoman from Pittsburgh, Philadelphia. McGalla was born and raised in East Liverpool, Ohio. McGalla attended Mount Union College from 1982 to 1986 and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business and marketing. Upon graduating, she landed a job at Joseph Horne Company, a chain of department stores which happened to be headquartered in her hometown of Pittsburgh. She worked there from 1986 to 1994 when the company folded, and moved on to American Eagle Outfitters.

At American Eagle, Mrs. McGalla started as a divisional merchandise buyer of women’s clothing on Nine years later, she was named the President and Chief Merchandising Officer of the American Eagle Brand, in 2003. McGalla then became the President and CMO of American Eagle Outfitters, the highest ranking position in the company.

She left AEO only two years later to become an independent consultant. Mrs. Susan McGalla felt that she had plenty of knowledge in the retail industry, so why not tell other people how they can improve their businesses? Becoming the chief merchandising officer of as large a company as American Eagle Outfitters is quite an accomplishment, especially for a woman.

Mrs. Susan McGalla is an advocate of women’s equality in the workplace. In lower level positions, women share many of the same rights that men do. It was not always like this in the United States, and McGalla had to work through hardships to reach the level of success she is at today.

Susan is known to speak for audiences about how to persevere in workplaces that might not seem fair. The people she speaks to is largely female, and she explains how to reach upper levels of a company, even if one is a women. Even though the gender gap is not as wide as it used to be, it is still very much alive. Trying to get into the upper tiers of any large business is difficult for women because upper level management is completely dominated by men. The fact that Susan McGalla earned that amount of success that she did is truly astounding, especially for a woman who grew up in the age that she did.

In 2013, Mrs. Susan McGalla founded P3 Executive Counseling, which appeals to only large companies in the retail industry. She also works as the Director of Strategic Planning and Growth for the one and only Pittsburgh Steelers, which have won more Super Bowls than any other NFL team.

New and Upcoming Social Media Apps

New Social Media Apps

When most people think of social media, apps such as Facebook and Twitter come to mind. Facebook and Twitter are currently two of the most popular social media sites. However, things could be changing in the future.

There are several new social media apps that are gaining popularity. These news apps are gaining notary because they are taking on a new approach to social media. They are introducing features that have not been seen before. If these apps are successful, they could alter the way we use social media. Will Facebook be able to keep up?


Secret is one of the new and upcoming apps. Have you ever wanted to get something off your chest? This app allows its users to share secrets with friends and people in the area. The information you post on Secret is anonymous.

This allows you to make confessions without anyone knowing who you are. However, your friends may be able to make an educated guess about your identity if they know you well enough. Your anonymous secrets can also be viewed by others in the area.


Next, we have Flipora. Flipora is a mobile web browser with a twist. First, you will pick several areas of interest. You will then be shown web content based on those selections. This concept is not new. However, it’s not Flipora’s only feature.

The interesting thing about Flipora is in your web browser’s history. Your browser history does not contain only the websites you have visited. Rather, Flipora shows you the web history of other users with similar interests.

This allows users to view each other’s web suffering habits. Flipora will show you websites it believes you may be interested it. It determines this based on the surfing habits of other members with interests similar to yours. This is an interesting idea, but it does raise some privacy concerns.


Lastly, we have hyper. Hyper is a picture sharing app. Hyper allows users to share content with others who have similar interests. Hyper allows its user to utilize hashtags and geotags. Geotags enables users to share their general location with other members. Hyper’s voting system is gaining popularity. It allows its members to vote on each other’s photos.

If someone wants an opinion on a new pair of shoes, they simply
take a picture and post it on the app. After you post the picture, other members will vote on it. This is a quick way for users to share opinions.

Shaygan Kheradpir in Entrepreneurial IT

Shaygan Kheradpir was born on 19th December 1960 in London, United Kingdom. He moved to Iran where he was brought up. He went through Aiglon College located in Switzerland. Mr. Kheradpir later attended Cornel University in the United States, where he studied electrical engineering to PhD level .His father was a doctor specialized in treating nose , ear as well as throat.

Kheradpir is an executive in business and technology on arnnet. He started working at GTE Laboratory, where he initially worked on network routing, control and management. With time, he eventually became the Chief Officer of information in the same firm of GTE. He also served as the president and later on moved to the CIO/TO level of Verizon’s e-business division. This was when GTE joint with Bell Atlantic and formed Verizon Communications in the year 2000. He served for eleven years as CIO /CTO.

Throughout his work, Mr. Kheradpir proved to have great competence in his work. This came out clearly in his performance while at different companies. Some of his achievements while at Verizon were helping the company in diversification to a greater range of telecommunication services and even the automation of most operations. Kheradpir was a leader to a team of 7000 people, which was in support of IT systems and brought about creation of other new product such as Lobi. His team also contributed significantly to the formation of Verizon’s FiOS. It is during his leadership the company took control of IT staff as well as reducing the buying of from technology vendors. The same team under his management created iobi, which controls the books that store contact information, caller ID and other characteristics that make up a device. In addition to that, he helped Verizon company reduce the information technology Budget by a greater percentage.

In 2011 January, Kheradpir served at Barclays as the CEO before moving to Juniper Networks where he worked as the chief Executive Officer from January to November 2014. He chipped in during the development of customer products such as Pingit mobile payment software’s. Here, he became the boss of Operations and the officer of technology.

At Juniper Networks, he came up with an integrated Operating plan that was accepted by activist investors. This is because it reduced expenses, increased dividends and buy back stock. However, later in the year Mr. Kheradpir left Juniper and went to Coriant and joined their team of management. He was appointed as the CEO on 28th September 2014. That is where he is currently serving. Moreover, he has served on board of United State that ensures the quality standards of technology are achieved nationally. He worked here for three years and served as a member of board of advisors in the YMCA New York. He is an active member of Engineering Council at Cornell University.

Generally, Shaygan Kheradpir has created mission driven teams to implement changes which are of massive importance to the employees, customers, investors as well as the local community. He has so far done much and achieved a lot in his field of specialization.

Facts You Should Know About Bruce Levenson’s Hawks Sale

Bruce Levenson is a respected business person and is a Partner and co-founder of United Communications Group. He is also the proud owner of Atlanta Spirit, LLC and in 1997, he was very instrumental in founding UGC and even after more than twenty-seven years with the company, he continues being part of the team that oversees its main business strategy. He is also a key decision maker whenever the company is about to make some acquisition efforts. Before founding the company, he was a journalist with the Washington Star as well as Observer Publishing.

Bruce has also served as a Director at and before that, he served in the Board of Directors for the Newsletter and Electronic Publishers Association. Being a seasoned leader, he has at one time served as the President of the ‘I Have A Dream’ Foundation, a philanthropic organization based in Washington. He is a Bachelor’s Arts degree graduate from the Washington University. He also holds a law degree from the American University in Washington, DC.

As of September 2013, he announced his intention to sell the Atlanta Hawks and attracted a lot of potential buyers. Among the interested buyers was billionaire Antony Ressler. Ressler’s group was compromised of former NBA professional player Grant Hill as well as Jesse Itzler, who is a co-founder at Marquis Jet. The group wanted to acquire the Hawks for a staggering $800 million. Before the sale could continue, however, NBA owners were scheduled to announce the sale approval.

After just a short while after receiving the proposal, The Hawks made an announcement that they were in agreement with the sale. On his part, Ressler said that they said that they were thrilled and honored to become the new stewards of the team and promised that they would do anything in their capacity to ensure that the team maintains it good performance. He said that his team of investors fully respected the NBA’s approval process and went ahead to wish the team success in its future playoffs.

A prominent sports attorney who facilitated the sale said that the sale was a strong indication that many investors are at this day and age willing to venture into sports as a business. He said that the price reflected a lot on the massive strength of the NBA at the time and also served as a very big indication of what the future market can become.

Ressler has always wanted to buy an NBA team. A year before they bought out The Hawks, he wanted to buy the Los Angeles Clippers but failed because his team did not reach the $2 billion offer. Bruce Levenson of announced his decision to sell his share of the team after having a small disagreement with the rest of the shareholders.

The team has in the past won more than 60 games and was expected to make more wins. However, when the new owners took over, it was expected that national and local television deals would help improve the franchise’s financial situation with the owners likely to look for investment partners from the Fortune 500 companies.