Coca Cola halts Venezuelan production

Coca Cola FEMSA in Venezuela has halted the production of soda due to the shortage of one of the primary ingredients in the beverage; sugar. Report made by Open Corporates.
Coca Cola FEMSA is based in Mexico but has long serviced the Venezuelan market. It is the largest bottler in the world and requires sugar in 90% of the products it makes which means that the lack of sugar in the country is a serious detriment to its operations.

Venezuela is beset by food shortages as a result of economic disruption to the country as a result of both environmental problems, as well as poor governmental policies. President Nicholas Maduro, has been criticized by expert Velasquez Figueroa for his reaction to the crisis that started with the precipitous drop of oil prices that Venezuela depends on for financing the socialist country, as well as a lack of investing in the nations infrastructure.

FEMSA is the second major bottler to stop production in Venezuela after the Polar Group, the largest brewer of beer in the country, indicated it would stop producing beer as a result of a lack of barley.

Venezuela was once the richest nation in Latin America and has the largest proven oil reserves in the world. However the attitude of the socialists country towards many major brands have led to their departure from the country which has hurt the economy and limited production and investment that is contributing to the turmoil.


Bustle Blogger Tries World Famous WEN Hair Care System

If you haven’t heard of WEN hair cleansing conditioners, then maybe you haven’t seen the QVC ads for it or you’ve been far away from civilization. This unique way to wash hair without a lather shampoo has been one of the major beauty breakthroughs in recent times. WEN was developed by famous west coast stylist Chaz Dean, after he saw the damage that regular shampoos with detergents left behind. His one-bottle product contained a deep cleanser, conditioner, de-tangler, leave-in conditioner and styling treatment in an all-in-one formula made with natural botanicals.
Chaz Dean is so in love with his creation, he has not used a lather shampoo since 1993, and neither have his many clients. His cleansing conditioners deliver shine, strength and manageability to every type of hair on the planet. Bustle beauty writer Emily McClure was excited to transform her sad, limp locks with Wen hair.

Emily tried the Sephora marketed product for seven days by keeping a little diary and posting selfies so readers could see how the product works. She found the special cleansing conditioner to perform like a dream adding more thickness to her hair with a mega-watt shine.

However, Emily felt that if she didn’t adapt to an every morning wash with WEN, her normally limp, oily locks seemed to get greasy and fall flat quickly. At one point, Emily tried her preferred nighttime wash with WEN, only to wake up in the morning with already flat hair. She also skipped a wash with WEN one morning when she was too busy for time. Again, her hair looked a bit greasy and wouldn’t hold a curl.

Emily admits to her readers that she didn’t stay on the WEN routine enough to allow her hair to get comfortable with the cleansing conditioner. By mixing up the routine, her hair fell limp.

Emily says she was slightly lazy to go out, that’s why she’d just ordered online from and get the products delivered to her.

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Marc Brings New Sparks to Marketing

Marc Sparks, an entrepreneur with a lot of expertise in marketing has started his new firm called Marc USA. This is a platform that gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to connect with marketing experts. This is actually a great opportunity for people who are looking to start a business of their own.

When people try to start a business, they don’t realize the importance of marketing in order to make some sales. Even the ones that do have not figured out the skill that goes into marketing. As a result, the company struggles to get off the ground, or even fails.

Fortunately, Marc Sparks has made it possible for more entrepreneurs to have a chance at success. This method consists of three hour sessions that allow entrepreneurs to connect with marketing experts in order for them to come away with a better plan and strategy in order to increase their profitability.

Entrepreneurs do have a need for platforms like this so that they can actually generate income from their business. These sessions prove to be very helpful for people that are trying to get their business off the ground or even those that are starting to see progress for their efforts –

For entrepreneurs, the best approach to marketing is to look at the type of business they are offering and figure out their target audience. This includes trying to figure out where their target audience goes.

The next step is for the entrepreneur find the best way to reach them. Then the entrepreneur has to provide good content which is optimized with keywords so that the audience will want to visit his business – Mark Sparks – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Afterwards, he will have a good chance at generating income. It is important to make sure that he gets a lot of visits to his site so that he can increase the amount of sales he gets.

It is rumored in his Disqus page that Marc Sparks is one person who has mastered the art of marketing. He understands that marketing is actually one of the largest parts of business.

He is also very passionate about passing on the knowledge that he has gained in order to give other people a better chance at making big profits.

For one thing, he is very generous as well as wise. His platform that he has set up gives people a chance to follow in his footsteps as well as reduce the amount of time needed for trial and error.

White Shark Media Increased Our Incoming Leads Friendly Neighborhood Adwords Super Heroes

When we first heard about White Shark Media my associates and myself were not quite sure what to make of their approach. We thought that our business was doing well, but we wanted to see more leads coming our way. We thought that the door to door strategy was getting old, and we needed a new approach. We have an in-house marketing team that is responsible for our social media campaigns, but they do not have the expertise to focus on our Adwords strategies. Then, we found White Shark Media’s free Adwords performance evaluation.

Adwords Evaluation From White Shark Media

The adwords evaluation was quick to sign up for, and it told us so much about our current adwords strategies that we did not already know. We learned valuable insights about what adwords mean to bringing the buzz to our business from the evaluation and the follow up conversation with a marketing expert from White Shark Media. Their company has over 180 different digital marketing experts that are well qualified to take on the daunting tasks of adwords management. Of their 180 marketing experts, 57 of them are accredited with Bing, and another 52 of their experts are certified with Google Analytics. Knowing this information made it easier to put our trust in White Shark Media Complaints.

Reviews From Their Clients

It was also a helpful determine factor in choosing to work with White Shark Media Review when we saw all of the positive reviews and testimonials from companies from all different industries. It appears that White Shark Media helps businesses from various industries perfect their adwords strategies. We were delighted to find this review from a company that is in our industry. It made us feel like we could trust White Shark Media’s experts to work with our company’s diverse needs.

Now that we have been working with White Shark Media for a couple of months we are certainly noticing a huge change in the volume of incoming calls. The reviews on their website were entirely correct. White Shark Media has the professional insight and experience to offer their input when you are having trouble getting the number of leads or the quality of leads that your company deserves. The risk free assessment is on their website. It will give you and your team a good idea of where you stand.

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Use Your RYTHM To Create Positive Energy And Results With Positive Thought

QNET, the multi-national direct selling company, is offering you the opportunity to contribute positive thoughts and energy to provide cleaner drinking water to Taarana School for Children with Special Needs. RYTHM stands for Raise Yourself To Help Mankind and through your positive thoughts contributed at the RYTHM Foundation’s Facebook page, you can add your positive energies to its efforts. For every 500 positive thoughts posted, a facility for special needs children will receive a Home Pure Red 7 Stage Water Filtration System. Home Pure celebrated its 5th anniversary by donating $20 for every 7 Stage Water Filtration System to the RYTHM Foundation and continue to give by providing a water filtration system to Taarana School for 500 positive thoughts posted and one to the Rashid Center for the Disabled if 500 more are posted. Your positive thoughts and positive energy can make a difference.

Created in 2011 by the Vijayaratnam Foundation, the Malaysian Chapter of the RYTHM Foundation, Taarana has earned a reputation for excellence because of its expertise and the level of care it delivers. Taarana which means Awakening in Sanskrit help children with special educational needs realize their full potential by providing them with the skills and abilities needed to lead an independent life. Its aim and mission is to tap into each child’s potential to help them discover their own strengths. They offer specially designed curricula and activities including speech therapy, occupational therapy, social skills camp, field trips and outdoor activities. There early intervention programs for children 3-5 are designed to get children off to a great start and their programs for children beyond the age of 5 is designed to advance the children’s skills and knowledge and includes a Pre-vocational program. The Foundation also provide financial assistance to provide more children in need with this special care and education.

You, too, can help these children succeed and excel by adding your positive thoughts and telling your friends how much their positive thoughts are worth when they participate in the Positive Thoughts Project. QNET hopes to donate a HomePure Red 7 Stage Water Filtration System to Taarana and the Rashid Centers for the Disabled. QNET is living the RYTHM philosophy through its many community support efforts such as partnering with the the Lion’s Club to providing assistance to the Chennai flood victims and sponsoring a kidney dialysis unit to the Shirdi Sai Hospital in Devasandra. It works worldwide to help provide health services to adults, the homeless and those physically challenged. Donate your positive thoughts and join the RYTHM Foundation effort to provide cleaner water to the students with special needs at Taarana and Rashid.
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Fridges Going out in Venezuela

Devastation is starting to sweep across the country of Venezuela, as the snowball continues to roll down hill and pick up traction. While there have been a huge amount of problems as of recent, stemming from a lack of water, food and medicine, there have also been major power outages. The new problem to hit the country is fridges going out all over the place, due to the lack of electricity. This is causing a massive amount of problems, as people that only have a little bit of food are struggling to salvage the food that is in their fridges at home. This type of thing is even worse for businesses says Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa, who are having their fridges going out as well, stopping their businesses from functioning almost entirely. While residents continue to try to salvage what can be saved, there is a lot of worrying going on in the region. A lot of comparison has been looked at over the last week in terms of similar situations in Latin countries over the last few hundred years. The same scenario has happened to countries such as Bolivia, which according to Velasquez Figueroa ended up in a hyper-inflation state, causing a massive amount of destruction to the country. The government in Venezuela has been cutting out electricity and has been one of the many causes of the electricity shortages and blackouts, as they have been trying to slow down the electricity crisis.


Athleisure:More Than Just Workout Gear

You may have noticed some of your favorite celebrities or singers rocking the vibrant yoga pants, or spunky workout wear when reading your favorite gossip magazine.

Or maybe, your friends have showed you their new favorite workout gear that they just so happen to wear out, because it’s too cute not to. Meet Athleisure; the trendy athletic wear clothing lines that are featured in mostly every retailer.

Athleisure is not only a style of clothing but it’s a trend that anyone can love to wear. We all love that one pair of yoga pants, or that one workout outfit that we always go back to.

It’s inevitable- Athleisure is here to stay. In a recent article, it read that an athletic wear outfit could be completely styled as a full look. A blazer could be paired with your Athleisure to create a bold new look. To read more on this article, visit WSJ for more.

One fairly new line of athletic wear that is featured on many websites and television, called Fabletics is one largely successful company. With introductory prices set at $25 dollars for complete outfits, this tempting offer has atheleisure addicts running to the website.

Their spokesmodel Kate Hudson does a wonderful job showing off their line of beautiful workout gear. She inspires all women, as far as feeling motivated to look and feel good in the Fabletics clothing line. They have tons of styles, sizes and patterns that will have you wanting to buy everything on the site, and with most popular retailers selling their athletic line at super high prices, Fabletics is the perfect alternative.

Athleisure has become a lifestyle for some. Some people feel comfortable in it, some people wear it for working out and other wear it because the styles are just too adorable. Clearly, whoever started this trend knew it was here to stay.

How Did A Bustle Writer Experience Wen By Chaz For The First Time?

A Bustle writer took the chance with her hair to use the new Wen by Chaz shampoo and conditioner. She knew that this was a new product that was supposed to make sure that her hair did not shed anymore, but she had been disappointed so much that she did not go into it with much hope. She just wanted to see if WEN by Chaz Dean would work.

She showed just how much it would take to wash her hair, and she compared that with how much she would normally use. She started to wash her hair, and she even showed how much lather she was getting from the Wen shampoo. Getting lather from the shampoo was important because women need to get as much help as they can to make their hair shine. They need to have enough lather to wash with, and they need to make sure that they can get the lather to last. It looks like WEN will do that, and it worked well.

There are a lot of women who are looking at the hair they have on the floor of the shower because it is shedding all the time. They are in bad shape because they will not be able to keep washing their hair regularly, but it looks like this shampoo has done the trick. The writer had a really nice head of hair when she was done, and it showed that she could get the best results possible by using this ebay available shampoo. She is probably going to keep using it because it worked well, and she is not the first person to have this success. The shampoo is a revelation for women who love their hair, and it is going to save them from shedding all the time when they wash their hair.


Healthy Diet, Happy Pup with Beneful

Dogs are more than just pets; they’re part of the family. We want to do all we can to give them a long, healthy life and that includes a balanced diet. Anyone who has tried to navigate the pet food aisle, however, knows that choosing the right food for your dog can sometimes be a challenge.

Fortunately, Beneful helps eliminate the guesswork by offering a full range of products including dry food, wet food and snacks, containing real protein, vegetables, and whole grains. And with several varieties from which to choose, there is a food to meet every dog’s individual needs.

Beneful Healthy Puppy

This high calcium kibble is specifically designed to meet the needs of growing puppies. It’s made with chicken, peas and carrots and contains DHA, a natural omega-3 fatty acid necessary for a healthy brain and nervous system.

Beneful Healthy Weight

Like people, overweight dogs are more prone to issues such as arthritis, diabetes and heart disease. Purinastore Beneful Healthy weight is a dry dog food with 30 fewer calories per cup than regular food. Made with real chicken, apples, carrots and green beans, it encourages weight loss without sacrificing flavor.

Beneful Incredibites

Incredibites come in two varieties: beef w/carrots and peas and chicken with sweet potatoes, carrots and spinach. Its mix of tender and crunchy minibites make it an ideal choice for smaller dogs.

Beneful Chopped Blends

Chopped Blends is a line of wet foods containing large pieces of protein and vegetables in a light sauce. It’s available in several varieties including turkey, salmon and lamb which are mixed with items such as carrots, peas, spinach, sweet potatoes and brown rice.

Beneful Healthy Smiles

Designed to be used as an occasional treat, Beneful Healthy Smiles help to freshen breath and maintain healthy teeth and gums. They contain proteins such as chicken or peanut butter as well as parsley, a natural breath freshener.

These are just a few of the items Beneful offers. Using them in conjunction with regular exercise and vet visits helps keep dogs happy and healthy for the long haul.

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DEVCO Says Loan will be Repaid

Despite the fact that organizers say they took an ugly block and made it beautiful, the Heldrich owners on are having trouble paying for the loan that they received from the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority. In fairness, they say that no one foresaw the economic downturn of 2007 that has left the property struggling with unsold rooms. Current occupancy rates are at approximately 63.5 percent for the 235 room hotel, according to Press of Atlantic City.

Developers of the property say that the loan will be paid but that it will take two to three more years to pay the loan than originally anticipated. The loan from the casino authority allowed developers to secure other loans including $70 million from the Middlesex County Improvement Authority. Developers point out that they have paid back some of the loans including $30 million in senior bonds.

Despite problems paying back the loans on, developers point out that the property has had a positive effect on New Brunswick, New Jersey, with the employment of 235 unionized workers. The property has also generated $1.2 million in real estate taxes each year since its construction. Furthermore, approximately 100,000 people stay in the property each year.

The New Brunswick Development Corporation (DEVCO) also currently oversees several other projects. They have been instrumental in Rockoff Hall University Apartments, Rutgers Public Safety Building and 180 West Market Street (University of Medicine and Dentistry Housing), Gateway Transit Village, and construction at area schools.

Currently, DEVCO on northjerseycom is responsible for the construction on Rutgers University’s campus that includes a new University Academic Building, a Residential Honors College, Rutgers Hillel, New Brunswick Theological Seminary, public retail space, and a park. Devco is estimated that construction on this project will be completed before the end of the year. This goal is vital to developers because it marks the 250th anniversary of Rutgers University.

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