Nutrimost Filed Federal Lawsuit Against Rival Healthy Living

In Federal Court recently, Nutrimost filed a lawsuit alleging that its rival, Healthy Living stole a promotional video intending to promote their new weight-loss program. The suit claims Healthy Living ripped off the video and placed it on their website “Can’tLoseDiet”.

The version of the video that Healthy Living is charged with stealing has all references to Nutrimost removed and replaced it with “Can’t Lose Diet”. However, testimonials from current Nutrimost customers were kept including one by their principal author, Dr. Ray Wisniewski, a practioner of what is called “pastoral medicine”.

Both versions of the video from the rival companies are the same, making the same claims. Both videos claim you will lose between 25-45 lbs in 40 days. Other identically worded claims in the videos say that you will not need any drugs, nor eat pre-packaged meals, be hungry, or even exercise.

Even though Healthy Living was charged with a cease-and-desist letter, they still kept the video on their website, with the only modification to the video being it was shorter than the original version.

At this time, it appears the pirated video is not on their website anymore, and Nutrimost has asked the Court to keep Healthy Living from ever showing the video again, and, in addition, asking for $300,000 in damages.

Nutrimost claims itself to be “the Ultimate Weight Loss System”. A client can lose up to 40 pounds of weight in 40 days on the program. By following this program, a person can lose that weight and not exercise, be hungry, use no drugs or hormones, and be totally safe.

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Makari de Suisse is a luxury skin care brand that uses plants and caviar extracts as a natural way to deal with skin issues. Today, Makari is the leading brand in skin whitening creams that are accessible to everyone due to its location in Europe. Their skin lightening creams even the tone skin and provides a lighter complexion especially among women and men of color. Their skin products contain vitamins and minerals that aid a healthy skin. Products for skin lightening include:
Makari Clear-Acnyl Cream
This cream designed for women with acne-prone skin contains clearing and soothing agents that deeply penetrates the skin to treat acne.
Makari Night Skin Lightening Cream
This cream lightens dark patches on the skin without any irritant effects. It also contains antibacterial properties that regulate sebum secretion. It works for both normal and dry skin types.
Makari Day Skin Lightening Cream
It contains high lightening agent content, giving it a powerful and durable effect without irritating the skin. This gentle cream stimulates the formation of new epidermal cells without pigmenting the skin.
Makari Caviar Face Lightening Cream
Made precisely for dark toned skins, this pleasantly scented cream reinstates major skin functions and prevents the appearance of premature expression lines. The cream evens the skin tone and creates a visibly finer and firmer luminous skin complexion. It works for both normal and dry skin types.
Makari Body Clarifying Cream
This cream combines clarifying, nourishing and hydrating properties that lead to a smooth and an ultra soft skin. It helps relieve dryness and discoloration around the hands, knees, feet and elbows. It works to clarify and even the skin tone of darker spots in the body.
Makari Clarifying Scrubbing Cream
This cream quickly eliminates dead cells and excessive sebum. It clears tiny blemishes that hinder skin renewal, leaving a healthy glowing skin.
Makari Body Beautifying Milk
This light, silky cream lightens and moisturizes the skin complexion, clearing pigmented marks and signs of premature aging. It is particularly pleasant to the touch, gentle and nonirritant. Ideal for daily use o face and body and works for normal and oily skin types.
Makari Skin Whitening Exfoliating Clarifying Antiseptic Soap
It contains a pure natural whitening agent to ensure a smooth and even toned skin complexion.

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How Can This Dallas Bank Change A Life?

The best part of working with the team at Nexbank is that they offer the best customer service. There are many people who are going to be able to get loans at the bank, or they can find a place that offers them a nice place to open a bank account. I just needed a bank that was going to help me open an account, and then I started taking advantage of the things that they had to offer. It felt nice to get this kind of service, and then I was able to see that I could get loans and other financial services.

NexBank Reports Strong Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2015 Results

The Nexbank people have been helping me ever since I came in for a car loan, and they were able to finance the car without a problem. They made it so that I did not have to worry about it. It just made my life a lot easier, and it meant that I did not have to go to yet another place when I was looking for a loan. I also did the same thing when I got a home loan through Nexbank Capital. They made it so that I could get through the process without a problem.

I felt very good about how I was going to get service at Nexbank, and they are now helping me with a business loan. They have all the things that you could ever need when you go to a bank, and they have made me feel like I am worthy of that level of service. It just makes much more sense for people like me to get help from one bank instead of shopping around. Nexbank has made it easy for me to get help, and they have saved me a lot of time shopping around for banking services.

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How Did Help Securus Make Calling My Cousin A Breeze?

I am not someone who uses special apps on my phone, and I have been in a place many times where I knew that I was not going to be able to use technology the way that I wanted. I have wanted to try new things, but I usually do not understand it. However, I have found a PR Newswire feature that talks about Securus so that I an call my cousin, and I admit that it works. There is far too much to talk about over a normal phone call, and now I get to have a video call with my cousin when I want. I can get the app to work, and Securus has it set up so that I can call easily.
We have video calls where I can see how he is doing, and I am able to assure myself that he will be alright. This is something that has always stressed me out, but now I am going to be able to see him on my schedule. He knows what I will be calling, and he gets to get on the video call when we have set up a time. The prison has worked with Securus to make this easy, and I am very thankful for it.

I would never have been able to get to the prison, but now it is like I am there all the time. I get to see my cousin, and there is no doubt that he is doing good. That means that I can sleep well at night, and I do not have to worry about what is happening. I can just schedule a call over the Securus app, and then I can get him on the line to see what is happening. He will get out soon, and this will help us a lot until then.

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Your Hunting Dog Can Lead The Pack With BENEFUL® Wet Dog Food

One thing about hunting dogs is there is always the leader of the pack. A leader knows what his owner expects and tries to please him. They lead the other hunting dogs. To have that respect is a mutual bond of trust. BENEFUL® wet dog food CHOPPED BLENDS™ is a perfect way to serve up a finely chopped, savory blend with amazing ingredients of turkey, sweet potatoes, brown rice and spinach. Yum! Click here:
There’s something about the smell of the forest, the crisp cool air and the baying sound of hunting dogs chasing a deer or rabbit or whatever they’re are trained to hunt. BENEFUL® CHOPPED BLENDS™ made with beef, peas, carrots and barley. The texture is just like homemade with bits of each ingredient. Your hunting buddy will love you even more.

BENEFUL® CHOPPED BLENDS™ blended with chicken livers, peas, brown rice and sweet potatoes to make a perfect meal for energy. Hunting is hard work for both the hunter and hunting companion dog. They begin their hunt at daybreak and need good nutrition. This wet dog food takes the guess work out and you know you are giving your hunting companion 100% of the nutrition they need.

BENEFUL® INCREDIBITES® is an amazing wet dog food. Hunting dogs come in all sizes and need a complete nutritional food. A protein-rich meal made with chicken, tomatoes, carrots with yummy wild rice. The bold and balanced meal that gives your working dog an edge.

Your hunting dog is a working dog. They have a knack for looking for game (wildlife). Some dogs such as labs, love the water and is used in duck hunting. Beautiful dogs with a mission. BENEFUL® INCREDIBITES® blended with salmon, carrots, tomatoes and wild rice that give your dog 100% nutrition they need to have energy to swim out into the cold lake to retrieve the duck. They love what they do and need a great food to keep going. These products are available on Wal-Mart and online too! visit their Amazon page.

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The Search Can Fix My Online Reputation


Every business that wants to maintain a positive profile, while functioning in the modern marketplace, needs to be aware of one important thing. Perceptions of a business are no longer transferred only in consumer-to-consumer platforms in the age of social media.

A “blip” in customer service that was once quelled through immediate management attention, must be addressed in inventive ways in the age of the Internet. Not only is it necessary to resolve customer concerns in a way that that the public will notice, it is also necessary to counter any negative brand or service recognition with a sophisticated campaign designed by reputation management consultants that builds-up a business’s profile.

In a single show of disappointment over baggage handling, a YouTuber was able to affect United Airline’s stock in the amount of $180 million. Another incident arose from employees of ChryslerAutos using company social media accounts for personal communications. Some of the messages were less than exemplary. Everyone receiving messages from the company were subject to these off-color comments, and the company suffered great loses as a result because they didn’t fix bad reviews.

Company profiles are as intricately linked as personal profiles. This is why is it is necessary to accompany all branding with a steady flood of complimentary content that fix a bad online reputation by outweighing any negative, or damaging posts found on the Net.

Reputation management services like The Search Fixers pinpoint all important negative postings about a company, and counter their claims with vital positive information. This negates any potentially damaging information, and begins to rebuild a truthful and helpful profile that will catch the attention of consumers. The Search Fixers is staffed with reputation management consultants who understand the impacts of business Internet exposure, and can design campaigns that fix negative search results.

Negating negative online commentary isn’t enough. In order to rebuild a business’s profile, a series of content-rich, evidence-based articles and advertisements must be created to flood the Net with information that will reignite consumer confidence. Services like The Search Fixers are prepared to deliver and post updated information that reassembles and fixes a battered online business profile.

Negative online business posts can come from anywhere. This includes associates, partners, customers, former employees, and random sources. Fix bad search results online with the help of a service like The Search Fixers answers all inquiries, and creates profiles throughout all Net searches that present a business in a positive and accurate light.

A Brief Overview of Stephen Murray, His Career and Accomplishments

Stephen Murray was a famous private equity investor who died on March 12th, 2015. He was only 52 years old when he died. He was the co-founder and president of a company named CCMP Capital, which is private equity firm that specializes in buyout and growth equity transactions. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital:

A month before he died, he left the company due to his ongoing health problems.

In 1984, he graduated from Boston College with a bachelor’s degree in economics. Not much longer after getting this degree, he began his career.

He was hired as a credit trainee for a company named Manufacturers Hanover Trust Company (New York based).  Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital:

Around the time when he graduated with his master’s degree in business administration from Columbia Business School in 1989, he became the co-founder of a company named CCMP Capital.

CCMP was previously known as Chase Capital Partners and later JPMOrgan Partners/JP Morgan. Eventually, CCMP became independent of JPMorgan in 2006. In 2007, Murray became the CEO of CCMP, succeeding the previous one, Jeff Walker.

Stephen Murray had a very impressive career with many different experiences. He worked for a lot of famous companies, which included AMC Entertainment, Aramark, Cabela’s, Generac Power Systems, Legacy Hospital Partners, The Vitamin Shoppe, and Warner Chilcott.

Murray was a strong supporter of the colleges from which he graduated. He sat on the board of trustees for Boston College.

In addition to sitting on the board of trustees for his alma mater, he also sat on the board of many notable companies. The companies in which he was a board member included Ollie’s Bargain Outlet, JMDH Holdings Infogroup Inc., LHP Hospital Group, Crestcom International, Octagon Credit Investors, and Strongwood Insurance Holdings. Read more: Ex-CCMP Capital CEO Steve Murray passes away and Stephen P. Murray, 52; Financial Executive; Stamford Resident; Vice Chair Boston College Board of Trustees

Murray was also very supportive of various non-profit organizations in New York. A few of them include Make-A-Wish Foundation of Metro New York, and the Food Bank of Fairfield County.

Stephen Murray left behind his spouse, Tami, and four children.

Coca Cola halts Venezuelan production

Coca Cola FEMSA in Venezuela has halted the production of soda due to the shortage of one of the primary ingredients in the beverage; sugar. Report made by Open Corporates.
Coca Cola FEMSA is based in Mexico but has long serviced the Venezuelan market. It is the largest bottler in the world and requires sugar in 90% of the products it makes which means that the lack of sugar in the country is a serious detriment to its operations.

Venezuela is beset by food shortages as a result of economic disruption to the country as a result of both environmental problems, as well as poor governmental policies. President Nicholas Maduro, has been criticized by expert Velasquez Figueroa for his reaction to the crisis that started with the precipitous drop of oil prices that Venezuela depends on for financing the socialist country, as well as a lack of investing in the nations infrastructure.

FEMSA is the second major bottler to stop production in Venezuela after the Polar Group, the largest brewer of beer in the country, indicated it would stop producing beer as a result of a lack of barley.

Venezuela was once the richest nation in Latin America and has the largest proven oil reserves in the world. However the attitude of the socialists country towards many major brands have led to their departure from the country which has hurt the economy and limited production and investment that is contributing to the turmoil.


Bustle Blogger Tries World Famous WEN Hair Care System

If you haven’t heard of WEN hair cleansing conditioners, then maybe you haven’t seen the QVC ads for it or you’ve been far away from civilization. This unique way to wash hair without a lather shampoo has been one of the major beauty breakthroughs in recent times. WEN was developed by famous west coast stylist Chaz Dean, after he saw the damage that regular shampoos with detergents left behind. His one-bottle product contained a deep cleanser, conditioner, de-tangler, leave-in conditioner and styling treatment in an all-in-one formula made with natural botanicals.
Chaz Dean is so in love with his creation, he has not used a lather shampoo since 1993, and neither have his many clients. His cleansing conditioners deliver shine, strength and manageability to every type of hair on the planet. Bustle beauty writer Emily McClure was excited to transform her sad, limp locks with Wen hair.

Emily tried the Sephora marketed product for seven days by keeping a little diary and posting selfies so readers could see how the product works. She found the special cleansing conditioner to perform like a dream adding more thickness to her hair with a mega-watt shine.

However, Emily felt that if she didn’t adapt to an every morning wash with WEN, her normally limp, oily locks seemed to get greasy and fall flat quickly. At one point, Emily tried her preferred nighttime wash with WEN, only to wake up in the morning with already flat hair. She also skipped a wash with WEN one morning when she was too busy for time. Again, her hair looked a bit greasy and wouldn’t hold a curl.

Emily admits to her readers that she didn’t stay on the WEN routine enough to allow her hair to get comfortable with the cleansing conditioner. By mixing up the routine, her hair fell limp.

Emily says she was slightly lazy to go out, that’s why she’d just ordered online from and get the products delivered to her.

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Marc Brings New Sparks to Marketing

Marc Sparks, an entrepreneur with a lot of expertise in marketing has started his new firm called Marc USA. This is a platform that gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to connect with marketing experts. This is actually a great opportunity for people who are looking to start a business of their own.

When people try to start a business, they don’t realize the importance of marketing in order to make some sales. Even the ones that do have not figured out the skill that goes into marketing. As a result, the company struggles to get off the ground, or even fails.

Fortunately, Marc Sparks has made it possible for more entrepreneurs to have a chance at success. This method consists of three hour sessions that allow entrepreneurs to connect with marketing experts in order for them to come away with a better plan and strategy in order to increase their profitability.

Entrepreneurs do have a need for platforms like this so that they can actually generate income from their business. These sessions prove to be very helpful for people that are trying to get their business off the ground or even those that are starting to see progress for their efforts –

For entrepreneurs, the best approach to marketing is to look at the type of business they are offering and figure out their target audience. This includes trying to figure out where their target audience goes.

The next step is for the entrepreneur find the best way to reach them. Then the entrepreneur has to provide good content which is optimized with keywords so that the audience will want to visit his business – Mark Sparks – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Afterwards, he will have a good chance at generating income. It is important to make sure that he gets a lot of visits to his site so that he can increase the amount of sales he gets.

It is rumored in his Disqus page that Marc Sparks is one person who has mastered the art of marketing. He understands that marketing is actually one of the largest parts of business.

He is also very passionate about passing on the knowledge that he has gained in order to give other people a better chance at making big profits.

For one thing, he is very generous as well as wise. His platform that he has set up gives people a chance to follow in his footsteps as well as reduce the amount of time needed for trial and error.

Oui Oui Food