There Is Now An All-Carb Burger Out There

Everyone loves carbs, but how many are too many? A restaurant in Japan called Lotteria is now famous for making all carb burgers that are to die for, possibly literally! Folks at Amen Clinics know that some of them have fried foods on them and others have ramen, but at the end of the day you shouldn’t be hungry after one of these big meals.

According to an article found on reddit and written by, there is even one particular burger that is loaded up with fried shrimp. It is a strange combination, but there is definitely a lot going on here. Everyone knows that Japan is famous for creating bizarre products and food, and they are pretty proud of that, but the truth is there could be such a thing as too many carbohydrates in one dish.

I think that if I were on vacation I would definitely check one out, but just for the average lunch it hardly seems worth it to stuff yourself in that way. I think I would lean towards trying the ramen burger that is apparently served on top of a rice patty between bread, so it goes without saying that it could even be a soup burger. I am not too sure how popular these meals are, but they are interesting and I could see where they would draw in a bunch of random fans to come and test out their products.

The New Gin And Tonic Ice Cream

A British distillery and a ice creamery have teamed up this summer to make something totally unique now, a Gin and Tonic flavored ice cream using all of the ingredients that you would find at both a dessert shop and at the local pub. Since this has been a terrible year for ice cream on the market with all of those listeria scares, this is a new and creative way that people are adjusting to the situation. The only bad news is that is is only available in the United Kingdom, but hopefully this means that others will look into doing the same thing as well.

According to an article found on Grub Street, the distillery Sipsmith and ice creamery Jude’s collaborated their products to release this new, awesome, and adult cold treat. Especially for me, who is a gin and tonic drinker, this new take on ice cream is especially appealing. The question that will have to be answered is just how alcoholic it is, because you don’t want to dig into a huge bowl of ice cream without knowing the potential for becoming tipsy in the process. I do hope that this company finds a way to export it overseas, however I imagine that it would be extremely costly for both the manufacturer and the consumer to buy and bring home. Alexei Beltyukov (a-ventures) agrees that, if nothing else, maybe this is something that American distilleries can look into.

Beneful Pet Foods Pass Every Test

A positive trend in the way people shop is also edging into the pet food market. In human food, quality is best measured by multiple inspection agency approvals, and transparency of ingredient origins. Basically, people want to know where their food comes from, and how it passes quality muster. The same goes for great pet foods. Beneful brand dog and cat foods are signature labels of Purina. This brand meets and exceeds the most rigorous tests for quality assurance on the market.

Both the USDA and FDA are responsible for maintaining safety in human consumption. It is fitting that they are also responsible for overseeing pet food as well. Why would anyone subject a beloved pet to food that is substandard? Beneful continually satisfies every stringent demand of these federal agencies.

Not only does Beneful present wet and dry formulations that cats and dogs love, but they are fully transparent when it comes to how they are made. Each batch is carefully inspected for impurities and macro-nutrient percentages. In the formulation process, every base ingredient is also held to the same standards immediately after arrival at the packaging facility. This means that Purina demands all meats, grains, and supplements in Beneful choices pass approval before they are even considered for use. As a result, the vast majority of Beneful ingredients are fresh, raw, untampered-with, all-natural, and relatively local.

Purina is so proud of its Beneful pet food lines that it is always open to the questions from pet owners. The manufacturers of Beneful are pet owners, farmers, ranchers, and animal lovers themselves. They understand that a company like Purina, with a vital history of pet and owner satisfaction, must know and appreciate the consumers they support.

All questions concerning the hearty and healthy recipes found in the Beneful line, can be researched and answered by expert representatives of Purina. Beneful is certainly the next best thing to cooking pet food at home.

People Selling Blue Bell Ice Cream On Craigslist

Ever since the crazy outbreak of listeria appeared in the name of Blue Bell Ice cream, it has been pulled from the shelves all over the country until they can correct that problem. People at Amen Clinics ( have learned that, on a more interesting note, some people have decided to use that fact as leverage to sell their already bought Blue Bell ice cream for insane amounts of money on craigslist.

According to an article found on reddit and written by, there are some people in the great state of Texas that are selling their partially eaten tubs of dessert for up to $10,000. That is ludicrous, but they figure that if someone really wants to get a hold of their favorite ice cream that they will pay any price for it. In addition to that, they prove that it isn’t so terrible by the fact that it has some already eaten out of it, therefore it likely does not have the illness that killed a couple people and got over a dozen more sick recently.

I have heard about a lot of crazy things like this happening on the internet when it comes to things for sale, but I am not sure just how valuable a partially eaten tub of ice cream is worth. And to top it off, if people aren’t worried they will get sick then I can see why an owner would think there is a market for it.

The Ultimate Super Foods

There have always been some key foods that are packed full of vitamins and nutrients. These foods have recently been labeled as ‘super foods’ and they are just that. With more and more people paying attention to what they consume and how those items affect the body, super foods are ideal parts of a daily diet to help maintain a good weight and to feel good both inside and out.

Sweet Potatoes
This super food is great because not only is it
but it is affordable. Chock full of vitamin A and potassium, sweet potatoes are filling and have a deliciously sweet flavor that is a great compliment to any meal.

This tasty nut is beneficial because it promotes a healthy heart and it also naturally lowers cholesterol levels. You can snack on walnuts all by themselves or you can add them to baked goods, pancakes and other recipes.

The seeds inside of a pumpkin are high in omegas and are a tasty, salty snack. You can also eat the flesh of the pumpkin as part of a pie or main dish like pumpkin ravioli. Pumpkin is also really affordable, especially in the fall months.

Leafy Greens
The majority of the greens family are good for you for one reason or another. You can get your daily dose of iron, B vitamins, and plenty of other nutrients from just one serving. Toss your leafy greens in a salad or sautee them as part of a warm meal.

Daniel Amen gave me this list! Check him out on Youtube!

How To Control Sugar Cravings

Sugar addiction is real and dangerous. Some have even dared to compare it to alcohol and drug addiction. The real problem with sugar is that it is hidden in most of the food that we take and we sometimes don’t know that we are taking it.

Sugar cravings can be hard to control. You will never know how addicted you are until you try to stop and have a hard time doing it. There are various ways in which one can successfully stop taking sugary foods.

The first step is by eliminating the temptation. Steve Murray even suggested that this would mean cutting away all those sugary foods that may prove hard to resist. It will also involve identifying foods that have hidden sugar. Avoid all foods that list sugar among its first five ingredients.

It is advisable to get more sleep. Lack of adequate sleep will lead to tiredness during the following day. People usually combat tiredness by eating a lot of sugary things and drinking caffeine to get that extra energy. Getting enough sleep will therefore reduce the cravings.

Exercising is also a great way to deal with the cravings. Exercising is a proven way of balancing emotions, which is crucial when sugar removal makes you feel sad and upset. Eating more healthy fats is also another great way of dealing with the cravings. Healthy fats such as peanut butter and avocados will keep you satisfied.

Cocaine Granola Bars

Nature Valley granola bars are good for a lot of reasons. They’re a tasty snack that can be eaten on the go. They have all the ingredients to give you some added energy if you need it. If you need a quick breakfast, they’re perfect! Well, now they have another added bonus. They come with drugs?

Well for one lady, her granola bar did. According to GrubStreet a woman opened up her granola bar and found a small bag of cocaine right in there. Clearly oblivious to drugs, the woman thought that Nature Valley was doing a promotion and that she had in fact won a prize. Nope. I’m willing to bet however, that for some people that would have been considered a prize.

Folks at Boraie Development agree that the woman did the right thing and called police once it looked suspicious. They investigated and it turns out it was actually high quality cocaine. Police aren’t sure how it got there. There are, however, a few guesses floating around. It could have fallen out of a workers pocket, or maybe it could have been planted there on purpose. Nature Valley is saying that it didn’t come from there facilities. After all, would you want to own up to the fact that you could quite possibly have druggies working for you?

For now, the granola bar mystery remains. Who knows if more will turn up, or if that worker even noticed they were missing a little something something…

Japanese Diets Salty

People are concerned about their health and look for easy cures to reduce their chances for a number of health related problems. Studies show that a high salt intake might lead to a number of health related concerns. Those concerns include hypertension. Too much salt makes the body retain more fluid. Thus, increasing the volume of blood in the body and the blood pressure. Certainly, too much sodium in the diet leads to heart disease, kidney problems, and more. Some view the Japanese diet as healthier than the American diet. However, a recent study might change that view. Read More Here.

The Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare in Japan commissioned a study on salt intake. The study findings, Bruce Karatz found appeared in the British Journal of Nutrition. The study discovered that the average salt intake for Japanese adults was around 13 grams of sodium a day. This is slightly higher than a previous study.

Clearly, the average Japanese adult is eating a diet that is high in sodium. This might be due to the type of condiments that they serve with the meals or the seasonings. Certainly, this will lead to a lot of people seriously re-considering eating that sushi meal or other Japanese food favorites.

Truth and Lies

There is countless information on health and nutrition on the web. Some of it is true but the majority of it is false. What people fail to realize is that the human body is different for everybody; what works for some people might not work for others. The only real solid truths in health and nutrition come to play when individuals talk about specific ingredients. For example, there are rumors around the macronutrient, carbohydrates. These muscle building assets are incredibly essential to the human body and brain. However, some people are more carbohydrate sensitive than others. To deem carbohydrates as bad or harmful would be overdramatic. The Washington Post made a list of 7 solid facts about diets and food that cannot be refuted. GMO food, aspartame, salt, cholesterol, MSG, gluten, and high fructose corn syrup are all broken down into what the facts about these foods are. Madison Street Capital said The Post described all of these as being safe to moderately ingest. The point of the article is to make sure that people aren’t living in constant fear behind the food and drinks that may be sitting in the pantries and refrigerators. The sudden health craze in the last ten years or so have often laid waste to products that they deem as unhealthy or scary. The proper way to go about a healthy lifestyle is to make sure you know what you’re putting into your mouth.Having solid research and facts about the foods we eat is the first step towards a healthy America.

Who is the Real Haidar Barbouti

Haidar Barbouti is a well-known real estate developer in the Houston area, working in real estate investment since 1986. He is known for owning the Highland Village Shopping Center for the last 25 years. In the Houston community and all around the world Haidar has be known to give his heart and soul to the tribute of helping animals. His heartfelt contributions don’t end there. He has helped raise money for surviving children of his tenant in the shopping center. The children’s parents were killed in an auto accident, and through his efforts Haidar helped raise over $30,000 for the cause.

Barbouti’s generosity continues on through the creation of an adoption center for animals inside space of the shopping center he owns. In fact, Haidar even contributes to the Highland Village Adoption Center, which exists due to his contributions. The volunteers at the center and people throughout the community cannot express the gratitude that his presence has done in order to improve and assist the community.

During many interviews, Barbouti has expressed how he has wanted to incorporate the heritage and history of the shopping center with modern sophistication. He’s no fool when it comes to investing, he oversees millions of dollars worth of investments in buildings and shopping centers throughout the United States. These developments are primarily held in the Houston area, and if you asked any resident about him, they will mention how he has turned the community around.

Barbouti has a Columbia education background and a portfolio in investment that would impress the pope. He is responsible for handling property all over the United States including major cities such as New York. His main mission over the last few years, has been to help with the cause of adoption in animals. In fact with the animal adoption center, not only did he help fund the building, he has assisted with the upkeep to keep the place running, as well as assisted with making certain that the animals are spayed and neutered.

Haidar Barbouti has proven that philanthropists still do exist. Through his acts of kindness and devotion, he has continued to bring up the spirits of the community. He dedicates his time to helping others, whether it is raising money for charitable expenses, which he matches 3 to 1, or guiding the hearts of others to help strays. Barbouti has made it his goal in life to selflessly offer his services to others.