Markus Rothkranz’s Avocado Tropical Salsa Recipe

Markus Rothkranz is a vegan chef who writes Vegan cook books, such as his book Heal Yourself 101. He maintains a popular YouTube channel called Markus Rothkranz. His YouTube channel has videos about his vegan cook book recipes, weight loss tips, speeches, breakfast maintenance, enema information and nutrition advice. One of his recipe videos is about his Avocado Tropical Salsa recipe.

To make the Avocado Tropical Salsa recipe you need: papaya, mango (he prefers the champagne mango and calls it more buttery), red onion, cilantro, avocados, olive oil, apple cider vinegar, paprika, black pepper and sea salt.

You will have to cube the red onion, papaya and mango. Place these ingredients together in a bowl. Place as much of each fruit and vegetable ingredient into the bowl that you want. Place two shakes of black pepper onto the mixture. Add one shake of sea salt into the salsa mix. Stir all of these ingredients together and allow it to sit for an hour for it to marinate.

Next chop your avocados up by slicing them in half. Next cut those avocado halves in half again and pop them from their peel. Form these quarter avocado pieces into a star shape on a platter or plate. Pour your salsa mixture onto the avocado pieces. Now you can enjoy your tasty Markus Rothkranz’s Avocado Tropical Salsa.

If you like the Avocado Tropical Salsa, you can get the written Avocado Tropical Salsa recipe and others like it at “”. You can watch more of Markus Rothkranz’s recipes at his YouTube channel Markus Rothkranz.

Adam Goldenberg: Fashion Anomaly

When Adam Goldenberg was just 15 years old, he started an online company called Gamer’s Alliance. It was an advertising network for gaming sites. Later on, he joined with Intermix Media, which is a parent company of MySpace and Alena. In 1999, he sold Gamer’s Alliance just before he finally graduated from high school. He continued working with Intermix Media as the COO. It was while working there, he met Don Ressler, who would become a long-time partner. By 2006, Intermix was bought out by News Corp. for over $650 million. Soon after, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg used their portion of the acquisition to start their own venture.

Their new venture was born from frustration and self-awareness. Adam realized that he could still excel in the ever-growing field of online advertising, so Adam Goldenberg decided to start up another company. Along with Don, and a group of former Alena team members, they brainstormed for two weeks and came up with Intelligent Beauty. This new direction he was head was promising, so it became the main focus of his efforts. The direct to consumer’s first brand was DERMSTORE. After two years of seeing success, they launched SENSA on Huffington Post, a weight-loss program. They brought in Dr. Alan Hirsch to help them with product development. With success growing, they also brought in Brett Brewer to be CEO. In 2008, they accepted a $43 million funding from Technology Crossover Ventures. They had been bootstrapping most of their company’s funding before the deal took place.

Two years later, they launched a third company, JustFab. One year after that, JustFab received funding from Matrix Partners, a $33 million deal at Kimora Lee Simmons became the President and Creative Director and led the newly formed company to 4 million members. After successfully launching a third company so spectacularly, they received a funding from multiple companies. The new round of funding was secured at $76 million.

Adam Goldenberg’s illustrious career is filled with success after success. He partners with the right people at the right time and earns respect while doing it. His many business ventures all started with he was still in his teens, and now he runs one of the most successful online stores in the world. Intelligent Beauty is the brainchild of a man with determination in his heart. The most successful of his companies, JustFab, gave birth to Fabletics by Kate Hudson.

After 30 Years in the Financial Field, Brian Bonar Receives Highest Honor

The  CEO and Chairman for the Dalrada Financial Corporation, Brian Bonar, received the highest honor of the professional network community for the 2010/2011 year.

Brian Bonar has been named the Executive of the Year of Finance by the Cambridge’s Who’s Who after almost thirty years of professional management experience across the financial sector.

This is an honor of which only two female and two male members of the financial discipline is named every year. Honoree’s are chosen based on nominees professional accomplishments in the financial sector, achievements in academics, and leadership abilities both at work and in the financial community.

Mr. Bonar’s Ph.D and professional affiliation with the American Finance Association has offered him a solid background as he joins the elite ranks of those who have also received commendation from the Cambridge Who’s Who as executive of the year.

 Brian Bonar has served as the CEO and company chairman for the Dalrada Financial Corporation for over a decade, leaving him responsible for the companies aftermarket products as well as a wide selection of both employer and employee benefit programs.

This is in addition to his background with IBM as a manager of procurement, the Director of Engineering with QMS, and his work as a Sales Manager for Adaptec.

Brian Bonar also is the President of Allegiant Professional Business Service Inc and is currently offering his services as the Chairman and CEO of Smart-Tek Automated Services, Inc.

Dalrada Financial Corporation works as a Marketing Liaison for its clients, offering a wide variety of differing employee programs that enhances business efficiency.

This includes an array of employee benefits, financial management, workers compensations, business liability, risk management insurance, as well as business and promotional management services.

For more information regarding the Dalrada Financial Corporation and the services that they provide for their clients, visit

How Nathaniel Ru Turned a Vision for Healthy Eating Into a Profit Machine

The name Nathaniel Ru will soon be synonymous with healthy eating. While Ru isn’t the only creative thinker behind the hot spot known as “Sweetgreens”, he certainly had a lot to do with the initial planning and success of the healthy cafe. During Ru’s senior year at Georgetown, he and two other friends were pondering what they would do with their lives after graduation. It was clear that there was a need for healthy places to dine while in college, but they could never find any.


Enter Sweetgreens, the name of their would be farm-to-table dining experience. Ru and his friends were working on an idea for a fun and easy place to dine, but it had to provide healthy dishes. Eventually, these young men found a space that was perfect for opening a small cafe type establishment on “M Street” near the university. Ru and his friends spoke with the landlord that they rented from, who was also the landlord of the space they wished to rent. While the prospect of the eatery didn’t appeal to the landlord, Ru and his friends were persistent in calling her daily until she agreed to meet with them face-to-face.


Ru said in a recent article that this was, “The first and last time he wore a suit to a business meeting”. The landlord had agreed to it once these young men acquired funding as well as finding an architect to help them design the eatery. Finding backers for the business was also a big concern, and while they didn’t write up an in-depth business plan, these young men were ready to share with the world what they could do.


Healthy eating is a passion for Ru, and his friends are in agreement. Ru knows that the consumer isn’t always about why you do something but how you do it. With more than 30 locations open, Ru expects that there will be 40 locations total by the end of the year.


While Sweetgreens is an eatery, students can also liken the concept of this eatery to Apple. Ru wanted the eatery to be simple, but he also had a strong “why”. A strong purpose behind the eatery has made it successful, but Ru says that no matter how many stores are opened, he wants the core values to always remain the same and he wants his customers to know what they are when they walk in the door.


Davos Real Estate Group Unveils a Remarkable Real Estate Application

Davos Real Estate Group (REG) has launched a new real estate investment application to the market. David Osio who was accompanied by REG’s executives, Pablo Bausili and Gerald Gonzalez, officially launched the mobile application on June 22, 2016. The mobile application can estimate ROI in real estate properties or investments that catch the attention of clients.

Davos REG is one of the licensed and independent firms that create Davos Financial Group, a premier financial group with incredible international presence. The company has been offering comprehensive financial advice to its broad client base in the Latin America market for more than two decades. Its business objective specializes in developing an investment strategy that suits the expectations and desires of each client.

Davos REG’s Executive Director has worked tirelessly with the firm Tecknolution for the past six months in the creation and development of this important tool that offers an opportunity for people to estimate the return of an investment property. The real estate application has been created using the latest technology and is compatible with both Android and iPhone devices. Davos REG is planning to develop and launch other applications that allow the client to identify properties via their mobile devices and dispense real estate reports to their agents at Davos through interactive chats.

According to David Osio, developing an application that provides a clear financial vision has been a major mission for Davos REG. He believes investors in the real estate industry will have the capability to invest wisely using the unique tool.

David Osio

David Osio serves as the CEO and founder of Venezuela-based Davos Financial Group of firms. Through the company, Osio has been offering exceptional advice to a select group of clients. Working at the top of Davos leadership, he has overseen the firm’s profitability and expansion. Osio has strategically positioned many independent and licensed companies in various cities across the globe such as Miami, Panama, Geneva, New York, and Panama.

David Osio started his professional career as a CEO and President of OPED Enterprises. His duty was to oversee the coffee export program. He obtained another top position in LETCO COMMERCIAL COMPANIES, and his role entailed structuring marketing programs for numerous industrial products throughout the United States. In 1984, he obtained a job at the Caracas-based MGO law firm. At MGO, he was responsible for addressing legal needs of corporate clients like Consolidated Bank and Ferro Corporation. Before founding the Davos group, Osio worked for numerous firms and developed several marketing programs.

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Bruce Levenson Really Cares About People

In today’s world, people can find it hard to create time to be involved with things that are really important to them. I know that I find it very hard to make time for all the things that I want to do in any given week. Someone I know has managed this task very well is highly successful businessman Bruce Levenson. Levenson has been someone that I have worked with for a long time. During this time, I’ve seen him show that he really cares about the needs of all those he’s involved with including his employees, his friends and the many things he does for charity.
His Involvement

During the last few years, I’ve made a n effort to be more involved with charity work of all kinds in my city. In this time, I’ve had the opportunity to interact with Bruce Levenson. I’ve always found him to be polite, honest and kind. I’ve also found that he’s really happy to listen to all those who seek his advice and his help. He knows the importance of listening closely when people are speaking and giving them his full attention at all times. You watch him on ESPN and you know that he cares about the needs of all those around him.

Charity Efforts

One of my favorite charities in the Washington, D.C. area is the I Have a Dream Foundation. This is also one of Levenson’s favorite charities. He knows that it is crucial to help inner city youth overcome the barriers that exist in their lives and lead lives filled with tremendous potential. I know that he cares. This is what I have seen him do with me: demonstrate a true concern for those who need to our help. I am proud to work with him and learn from him. Visit Levenson’s Wikipedia page to learn more about him.


The Midas Legacy Is Filled With Experts and Wisdom

There truly is no substitute for experience and knowledge. That is gained by putting in the time, working at a particular craft, and being a sponge. There are a lot of people out there that are willing to give advice, but the person has to be willing to listen to that advice and take it to heart. They can’t overlook it. The people are out there, and they are at The Midas Legacy, a consultant firm that helps people better manage their money and have a better life overall. That is what they excel at and that is what brings them a great amount of pleasure.

They talk on their website about people wanting to become a better person. That is a wonderful thing and I think self-awareness is a great trait to have in a human being. No matter how old they are or how much knowledge they have, there is always room to grow. Everyone is a work in progress and if more people took the time to get to know themselves and get a better understanding of themselves, they could improve. That is not to say that something is broken or they have something wrong with them. It is just that they could work on a few things. It is up to them to recognize those things, however, and have an attitude that is catered for fixing it.

They also discuss inner peace, and again, they have experts with that. That one can be tough for a lot of people to get in their life, but when they have it, it truly works wonders. They walk around with a smile on their face, nothing gets in their way, and nothing stops them from having the happiness they desire. It is right there for the taking. They are just a positive person and people like to be around positive people. It is no fun to be around something that is always looking at the glass as half empty as opposed to half full.

That is just one of the many services they offer. The Midas Legacy has a ton of services and they are proud of the team they have. A company is only as good as the people they surround themselves with, and The Midas Legacy has surrounded themselves with some of the best people out there that have been there, done that, and can pass along the knowledge.

Keys to Building Your Online Reputation

We all know building a great online business can be highly rewarding. The amount of success you receive is related to the quality of your web presence. For this to happen, your clients and customers need be able to find your website. To be discovered in the search results, your online reputation needs to be in tip-top shape. What does that mean and how do you do online presence management in an effective way? It starts with having an updated website that loads quickly and looks good across a multitude of devices. People are viewing your site on everything from an IPhone to a desktop computer. Search engines know this and use it in their algorithms. One method to increase load speed and rank is by optimizing page content like images and video. This is primarily achieved by reducing file sizes. In order to gain trust with search engines, your site should also make use of links from within itself. These links are known as internal links. They link to specific content from different sections of a website. An internal link is often created because two separate pieces of content have something in common. They also help search engines better identify the content a user is looking for. Online reputation management companies like Reputation Management Fixers have helped their customers increase page rank using these very practices. By delivering great content, that people love to share, any poor representations of your brand will disappear eventually.

Users and customers are becoming hungry for better content. They want to share unique content that provides value to their circle of friends. Along with optimizing content, updating it with different multimedia types can provide a better user experience. Animated gifs, slide presentations, and audio clips are just a few ways to spruce your site. Creating interesting, fresh content that customers and website users want to share on social is the ultimate goal, but balance is key. Depending on your industry, offering free ebooks or other downloadables in exchange for shares could prove valuable. Many of Reputation Management Fixers projects have included this strategy simply because it’s a win-win solution.

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Securus Gives Prisoners Free Calls

There are many things that the general public does not know about the prison system in this country. One of the bigger problems that has come up over the last couple of decades that gets swept under the rug is the cost of phone calls and other types of communications for prisoners and their families. Due to the flooding and damage that has plagues the south from the recent bad weather, Securus Technologies has been generous enough to step up and make phone calls for prisons in the affected areas free for a limited time. In a recent article published by PRN Newswire’s website, the CEO of the company offering the calls for free, Securus Technologies, issued the following statement for the public:


Connecting inmates with family is a critical service that is core to what we do – and this is even more important in times of tragedy like the recent flooding in Louisiana. The flooding in Louisiana is so significant and severe that we need to take extraordinary measures to help make sure that communications are maintained so that we can help reduce anxiety and stress of inmates and their loved ones,” said Richard A. “Rick” Smith, CEO of Securus Technologies. “The value of the calls that Securus will be connecting for free is approximately $300,000. In addition, Securus is making a cash contribution of $50,000 to the inmate welfare fund at Louisiana Department of Corrections in order to further assist inmates there.”


If you are interested in learning more about the surprising cost of prisoner communications and phone calls, would like to read the original article in its entirety published by PRN Newswire’s website, or just want to learn more about the Dallas Texas based company Securus Technologies, you can do that by going to this website: Securus Announces Free Calls to Those Incarcerated in the Louisiana State Prison System Due to Recent Floods

An Overview of IAP and the Worldwide Services

IAP is a global company that specializes in providing various services such as facilities management, global-scale statistics, and other advanced professional and technical services. The company has offices in more than 25 countries with more than 2,000 employees. IAP Worldwide Services provides solutions to the challenges affecting their clients from both the private and public sector. The company has a vast experience in planning, coordinating, and performing complicated technical and logistical tasks. IAP maintains, manages and operates military installations, research laboratories, and civilian facilities.

The company has been in operation for more than six years. Since its establishment, IAP Worldwide Services has built a reputation as the most reliable and responsive market leader. The company’s employees always work with the goal of exceeding their clients’ expectations. The company has set itself apart from other competitors in the market. It believes in treating everybody with the respect they deserve. IAP’s missions and values involve taking the client’s goal and them their own.

The company was announced in 2015 to have taken possession of the DRS Technologies, Inc.’s Aviation and Logistics business. The company is located in Oklahoma City. IAP also acquired the Tactical Communications and Network Solutions business that is situated in Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD. The A&L business provides various services including logistics, mission repair services, and aircraft repair management. The Tactical Communications and Network Solutions business offers services such as information technology, engineering, and communications support solutions. The TCNS provides its services to the U.S Department of Defense together with other agencies. The IAP Company integrated the services of the two businesses with the hope of enhancing their long-term growth strategy.

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IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. Employer Salary, Average Salaries

The acquisition of the two businesses will increase the size of the company’s market in the world. The two businesses will be integrated into one business unit. The new unit will comprise of the Aviation and Engineering Solutions together with the IAP’s National Security’s Program unit. IAP’s Doug Kitani was quoted saying that the addition of the two businesses was a natural fit for IAP. Kitani, the CEO of the IAP Worldwide Services, also stated that the move would expand the company’s portfolio of services and solutions to the United States and other International government agencies.

Every staff member at IAP Worldwide Services has been trained on customer satisfaction. The company believes in acting with integrity and humility when dealing with any issue from customers. The company believes in the mutual success that is acquired through collaboration with colleagues, customers, and the entire community. IAP takes pride in an unparalleled expertise in the market.

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